Are you fed up with MLB yet??? Not me, I am still looking forward to each day of wagering:)

Sunday we had another busy day with 4 plays. Although the result was a bit different than the day before going 1-3.

In MLB we Won with Cleveland +106 8-6 and lost with Atlanta +156 2-3 and Cinci -115 4-6.

We also had a 1 unit play on  Boson +10.5  for the 1st half and that went down.

There were 3 big move games that predicted the line 1-1-1.

Today so far I have sent out 1 play and 1 big move game.

It has been a very slow start for MLB, however, the plunge we took the first 10 days is past and we are crawling back a bit. I still very optimistic on MLB. The 1 unit plays are finally kicking in and totals should end up as a very good wager by the end of the season.

Although the caveat is it is gambling:) Compared to last season we are not behind the pace and we ended up 13 units ahead for the season.

It is still early. We are not even at the all-star break yet. I can tell you that most baseball bettors have given up the ghost and are now sitting it out until the NFL. That is the way baseball works. Few can take the day to day grind. Myself, I enjoy it.

Good Luck Today


RickJ’s Handicapping Picks


Will the President’s Mid-East trip give him a boost at home and in the Stock Market???

Let’s start with some interesting reads I have found for this morning:




http://dashofinsight.com    (required weekly reading!!!)


The markets are up slightly in premarket trading. Of note, Financials, oil, metals are all to the plus side. Biotech off slightly as is TLT.

Overall I view this as an upward bias for today if these premarket readings hold. Oil and financials are a pretty good indicator of where the market might be headed after the open. (Only a bias, however)

I seem to be getting a lot of feedback on my posts relating to the political environment here in the U.S.  Some good and some bad and some very bad.

Let me say that I am an independent. I voted for Obama for his first term. I voted for Trump for his first term. I view matters in ways few do as I am not driven by any Ideology.

I am issue driven. I usually can see both sides of an issue and can effectively argue either side. That comes from years of being a trial attorney.

Most of my opinions are not so dogmatic I cannot be persuaded that the other side has merit. But it does require a logical discussion rather than an emotional ideological argument without substance.

The purpose of this site is to understand how matters at home and abroad create a backdrop in which the stock market operates. Of course, it is more complex than that but politics at home and abroad create enormous investing opportunities if you can decipher the “noise” from the facts.

One has to realize that the decision making that is being made both at home and abroad are made by humans as opposed to programmed computers. Humans make mistakes of monumental proportions daily. Many humans are driven by power and money. Many humans have personal traits that are self-destructive.

So our Congress is no different than the rest of the population in that regard. The idea that they will somehow be objective and fair when voted in is a fantasy. They bring to their office the same frailties that humans have in the general population. In some instances more so as they get ahold of an addicting power structure that oftentimes transforms them.

In addition, they are subject to the enticement of monumental rewards from special interests to promote an agenda. Untold wealth for them and their family, for a price.

I say this because that is how you need to evaluate what is occurring today in the U.S. Once you factor this in you can then make some educated decisions on how this might affect the markets.

For instance, now matter what your political beliefs are one has to give Trump a plus for the start of his Mideast trip. If you are overly negative you really need to take a close look at your thinking.

But the point, more importantly, is assuming Trump’s Mideast trip goes spectacularly what effect will this have with Trump back at home.

To me it is easy. For the people that have voted for Trump, it will reinforce the idea they made the correct decision. For those that were on the fence and are middle of the road with no extreme view, those people will most likely start swaying positive toward Trump.

For the left wingers and never Trumpers it will not do a thing. These groups are all in to weaken and remove Trump from office. When I say all in they have bet everything. The Democrats, if they are wrong, will most likely be a permanent minority party. The Never Trumpers are risking the end of their political careers.

If things go wrong for the never Trumpers they will not be able to win a position as dog catcher. The will be pariahs in the Republican party and in the U.S.

Pretty high stakes I would say. In addition, you have enormous amounts of money being thrown at weakening Trump and his removal. Most of these riots are started by far left groups financed by the likes of people that have an interest in weakening Trump. So it becomes very profitable for those in Congress to remove and weaken Trump.

Remember, under our system, special interests, for the most part, are what drives our government. Not politicians that go to D.C. to help America. If the two things align fine, if not it is the special interests that take priority.

Trump is a threat not only to the special interests but also to the idea of being in Congress and retiring as a multi-millionaire. The American political dream is at risk. After all, Obama gets millions for one speech ad now is staying at 15,000 a night resorts. Not bad for a public servant.

I bring all of this up to tell you that no matter how successful Trump’s Mideast trip is the vitriol at home is just going to get worse. The rioting is just going to get worse. Congress is just going to get worse.

The everyday American’s agenda is going to be put on hold while all our public servants’ efforts are going to be expended on the D.C. intrigue rather than passing bills.

I have seen this before when they went after Clinton. I was shocked at the vitriol the Republican’s displayed to attack him and remove him.I was as vocal against that as I am now.

What is interesting is that the same players in Congress back then are still around and they are at the forefront of weakening this President.

That is as political as I am going to get on this site. But the entire point is that my opinion has not changed that this bull is about over. Unless the Fed shifts gears and sanity come back to D.C. and the mainstream media the market will face reality. We are seeing the beginning stages now.

The leaks will be increasing with most being false as most have been up until now. The leaks will shake the markets at their core in my opinion.

So do not get optimistic in your investing until normalcy starts setting in. That will be for a long time it seems.

I am sticking to very short term trading with a tight leash. My entire investment portfolio is hedged right now. It is something I think everyone should consider right now.

Those are my thoughts on a Monday morning. If anyone has any feedback feel free to share it with me.

If you want to follow some of my trades along with my thoughts typically given after the open you can go to @rickjswings. Typically I talk about the overall day expected with the markets and also give some levels on the ES and NQ for failed breakout scalping.

It’s my private twitter feed for the stock market and its free. Sports Handicapping is the subscription-based part of this site. But considering the cost of joining it’s almost free:)

Good Luck Today

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Letter From a Long Time Follower

“Rick,I am still amazed how you do it. I have followed you almost from the beginning not only from your posting on your website but also you time at 2+2 forums.

I have noticed a continuous improvement year to year in your methods. But the more remarkable thing to me is your persistence in educating and putting out your picks. Almost every site I am familiar with has gone by the wayside. Yet yours keeps getting stronger and stronger.

I have to ask “Where do you get your focus and energy” to keep this up?

You have taught me a lot over the years and I have gone from a “punter” to a reasonable handicapper. Whereas before I was a typical undisciplined sports bettor I am now very aware of the necessity of a disciplined approach. It has done wonders.

In addition, you’re going from a free site to a subscription based site was long overdue. I appreciate your keeping the membership fee low and not trying to “milk” money out of the sports bettors. I know there are many that would pay substantially more to follow your site.

But that goes hand in hand with your persona that you have established in the sports betting world. You most likely do not know it but your name “RickJ” is very well-respected as one of the leading handicappers in sports betting. In addition, your reputation for integrity is as high.

There are very few real things out there but you are definitely the real thing.

Again thank you for all you have done over the years.”

My Response:

It’s hard for me to respond to that as humble a person as I am:) But it’s emails like this that I get from time to time that help keep me motivated.

I have always said in the past that I approach sports handicapping the way crossword puzzle addicts approach their morning routine. I can not think of anything more challenging than trying to figure out EV on sports games.

As far as the subscription cost I have mentioned before my goal was to defer my expenses that keep rising every year as I get more advanced in my techniques. I look at subscribers as partners in this handicapping endeavor rather than customers. Subscribers help me defer my costs and allow me to justify keeping my expensive hobby going.

Thanks for the mail. It’s nice to know I am appreciated!

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