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Running very later this morning so going to make this short. In college hoops yesterday we went 0-3 on our 1/2 unit plays. In the NFL Washington not only covered but won the game. That was a 1/2 unit play and also my top pick in the Hilton NFL contest…so four left to go today. 3-1 in my remaining games will most likely get me very close to the top 30 again.

Hilton Top 5


I am with them on Arizona. Also as expected the two lines that were way off compared to the real line was the top 2 picks. So The first part of my plan worked….now I just need Det and Car to lose:)

If your fading the top 5 this year its been rough as fades are 31-44-1.

Betting % this morning

Det 77
GB 75
Balt 75
NE 72
Pit 68
Oak 33
Car 66
Min 64
Ind 61
Giants 58
Sea 57
Atl 52

Reverse Line Moves

Partial Reverse Line Moves

I will update with any plays shortly before game time.




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3:40 update

Sat ncaa hoop play
1/2 unit
Texas AM +3

3:00 update

Slight edge
Phil +149

1:40 update

Sat ncaa hoop play
1/2 unit
Drake +18
Notre dame U140.5

11:30 Update

College Hoops
Bet or Pass
Oral Roberts +9

11:00 Update

Going into the last two weeks of the Hilton NFL contest I am tied for 35th with a 47-28 62.66%. My last two weeks were 5-5 and it cost me. So as they pay the top 30 only I need two good solid weeks to cash. 6-4 most likely will not get me in the money…will have to be 7-3 for the last two weeks to have a chance…we will see.

My Hilton Picks this week:( in the order I liked them at the time)

1. Washington +7.5
2. KC +3
3. Arizona +8
4. Houston +5.5
5. Tampa Bay +10.5

There were two lines that were very favorable to one side ..and I passed on both games:
Detroit -6.5
Cleveland -1.5

Detroit has gone to -8 and Carolina is -4. I passed primarily because I think the bears is the right side of the game. I tortured myself a bit as to why I would not take Carolina +1.5. As the line is -4 Carolina. But I imagine everyone will have Carolina and its a reasonable chance to pick up if Cleveland wins the game. I did not take this position in the abstract…as one of my strongest variables favor Cleveland. It will be interesting to see how this view I have taken works out:)

Saturday NFL Play
1/2 Unit
Washington +7

This play is not even close to being as strong as the last two 1 unit plays in the NFL I have put out..thus 1/2 Unit

10:20 Update

Bet or Pass
College Hoops
Fairfield -2

9:50 Update

Bet or Pass
NCAA Hoops
Ohio State +1

8:50 Update

Bet or Pass
GeorgeTown U 140.5
Charlotte +13.5

Friday nothing developed although a few games looked promising early.

Today a busy day with a full schedule and along with that 2 nfl games.

Let start with the 9:00 Games in college hoops:

Bet Or Pass
SMU +2.5

On these college setups I am going to start putting a bit more weight to my models as they have performed very well so far this season. It appears my tweaks have carried over into the college hoop models as well. We will see

I will update shortly before game times.

Good Luck Today

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thursday our setup in the NHL lost in OT. Nothing else developed Thursday.

In college hoops tonight some possibilities but not until the 5:00 games.

I will update a bit later.

Good luck today




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3:15 Update

Slight Edge
Colorado +171

One Game tonight in the NFL:


Betting is 73% on the Home Favorite with the line moving from -3+102 to -4-110. Variables favor Jacksonville. Models are split on the game…no edge either way there. Public betting also no edge I can see. The only edge I can see is on the dog with the move off -3 to -4. However the variables leaning in favor of the favorite takes care of that. This game is a Pass for me. I could not even guess the outcome:)

Nothing so far looks very attractive in college hoops..but its early yet for that. I will update if anything becomes clear.

Swing Trade Update

Sold SSO 126.35

Nothing ever developed on Wedn and remarkably nothing came even close to triggering for a play or a setup.

Swing Trade Update:

We have had a remarkable recovery in the market starting yesterday and looking like it will continue on this morning with a 1.15% gap up in the SPY as I write this. If this holds and we get a 1% gap on the open I will be exiting my two positions in SSO on the open.

I entered this trade on Dec 10th in two lots….450 SSO 124.05 and 475 SSO 123.23. Right now SSO is trading at 125.55. IF it holds here this will give me close to a 2% gain in 7 trading days. If you have been following this trade then you can see these trades can be gut wrenching at times:)

I will update when I exit the trade

Too early for sports today although got some good news in the Hilton NFL contest standing. After a 2-3 week I am just out of the money..tied for 35th. So a good day this week should get me back into the top 30….a good day is 4-1 or 5-0. A 3-2 day most likely will not get me there.

Good Luck Today

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Tuesday we lost our 1/2 Unit play on Drexel +7.5. Today does not look like any setups in the NHL or NBA.

My swing trade in SSO had a good recovery today. I am still in though expecting and will most likely exit on another day to the upside…we will see.

Nothing I can see in the 4:00 games. I will update with any plays about 10 Min before game time.




December 16, 2014

Monday we went 1-1 on our setups winning the NBA and Losing the NHL setup Today: Tuesday NCAA Hoop Play 1/2 Unit 513 Drexel +7.5 I will update later RickJ

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December 15, 2014

3:10 Update Slight Edge NHL New Jersey +175 NBA Charlotte +10.5 Sunday a good day for plays. Our 1 unit play on Buffalo +4 was an easy winner and our 1/2 unit play on Seton Hall U126 was also a winner. My Hilton picks were disappointing as I went 2-3. Bringing my record to 47-28 […]

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December 14, 2014

9:40 Update Not much has changed in the 10:00 Games. Buffalo is down to +3 at some books. My las two picks are +7 at most books. I am only getting 6.5. Atlanta is now +3 at most books Bet Or Pass Atlanta +3 Washington +7 Houston +7 8:50 Update Sunday NCAA Hoop Play 1/2 […]

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December 13, 2014

5:15 Update Slight Edge NHL New Jersey +137 2:50 Update Sat Ncaa Hoop Play 1/2 Unit 550 Memphis U 132 1:50 Update Sat Ncaa Hoop Play 1/2 Unit 547 Mich +11 11:30 Update In the Hilton contest I am now tied for 23rd with a 45-25 record or 64.3%. I went 3-2 last week and […]

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December 12, 2014

3:50 Update Slight Edge NBA Orlando +9 3:30 Update Only two games in college hoops today. The first is interesting as my models show Iowa st as a slight Favorite. The only problem is 64% if the betting is on Iowa St. So….I am going to pass on the game.The game goes off at 5:00 […]

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December 11, 2014

Final update Thursday ncaa hoop play 1/2 unit San Diego +7.5 Nothing developed on Wedn. Today one setup in the NHL Slight Edge NHL New Jersey +118 Not much in college hoops although there is a 7:00 game I am watching. One game tonight in the NFL: Arizona St Louis Betting is 50 50 on […]

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December 10, 2014

Tuesday no plays. Our setup in the NHL lost..(of course) Today not much I can see although I have just looked over the 4:00 games in college hoops. I will update about 10 min before game time if their are any plays or setups. Also for those of you that are looking for a swing […]

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