Are you fed up with MLB yet??? Not me, I am still looking forward to each day of wagering:)

Sunday we had another busy day with 4 plays. Although the result was a bit different than the day before going 1-3.

In MLB we Won with Cleveland +106 8-6 and lost with Atlanta +156 2-3 and Cinci -115 4-6.

We also had a 1 unit play on  Boson +10.5  for the 1st half and that went down.

There were 3 big move games that predicted the line 1-1-1.

Today so far I have sent out 1 play and 1 big move game.

It has been a very slow start for MLB, however, the plunge we took the first 10 days is past and we are crawling back a bit. I still very optimistic on MLB. The 1 unit plays are finally kicking in and totals should end up as a very good wager by the end of the season.

Although the caveat is it is gambling:) Compared to last season we are not behind the pace and we ended up 13 units ahead for the season.

It is still early. We are not even at the all-star break yet. I can tell you that most baseball bettors have given up the ghost and are now sitting it out until the NFL. That is the way baseball works. Few can take the day to day grind. Myself, I enjoy it.

Good Luck Today


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