Saturday was a 5-0 day for +5.52 Units! +21 Units season to date in MLB!! See about our Money back special now!!!

On Saturday for sports betting we had a great day going 5-0 for +5.52 Units.

We won with St Louis -125 8-6, Phil +134 3-1, Miami +118 5-0, Tampa -104 5-3 and finally the Mets Under 8 even 2-0.

That brings us to +21.57 Units season to date in MLB!!!

Today so far we have 3 plays pending.

April closed out with a nice month for us. We had almost 100 plays and gained 10.94 Units.

We are having a great season as a result of the addition of the 1 unit overnight plays. These are sent out early afternoon the day before the game. They have been as steady as I have seen in sports betting.

Another amazing stat is that with over 100 plays to date our drawdown has been at most 5.5 units. That is an extremely low number.

You never know when your handicapping methods are going to come together in a sport to pay you off for all your hard work. This seeIt’sto be the season that MLB gives us the payoff.

Its not too late to join us. And for new subscribers, I have a special I want to introduce. The cost of the service is only $49.00 a month. If at the end of 2 weeks you are unhappy with the service you can get a full refund. Just email me and I will send you back the subscription fee.

This is only for new subscribers that have never been with this service before.

I have made it easy for you to sign up. http://paypal.me/Rickjsports/49

Use this link and you can be signed on within minutes. I will have you added to my private twitter feed.

Hope to see you on board for a fun MLB Season

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Saturday in sports betting we were 2-1 for +1.82 Units in MLB. That brings us to +17.28 Units season to date!!!

Saturday for sports betting in MLB we went 2-1 for +1.82 Units. Our Overnights were 1-1 for a push and our regular play on Tampa was +1.82 units.
That brings us to +17.28 Units for the season to date in MLB.
So far today there are 4 plays, 2 overnights, and 2 regular plays
We have broken out to new highs on our equity curve. So far the pullbacks have been minimal. We have seen 2 so far. Both have been around 5 unit pullbacks. 
Considering the number of games that we are playing and the regularity of the plays these pullbacks are nothing. Much less so far then I would have envisioned. 
I have been asked whether we can keep up this pace for the rest of the season:)  Anything is possible of course, but it is best to keep realistic expectations. Also, regardless, keep tight control of your bet sizing. It is easy to throw caution to the winds when you are running good. I have done it many times in the past. All with expected endings.
The idea is slow and steady. You cannot avoid drawdowns but you can avoid exiting sports betting as about 90% of the sports bettors end up doing. The sad part is none of them no what went wrong!
Even if you have a solid handicapping method, if you do not bet size you will most likely end up losing. That is a fact. Only the most seasoned sports bettors and poker players for that matter have a solid grasp on this.
For those of you that have been following wanting to join in the fun we are having I have made it easy to sign up:
The cost of the subscription is only $49.00 a month. That includes all sports that I handicap during your subscription.
Not only do you get the plays but you also get a breakdown each morning of every MLB game for the day to help with your own handicapping.
For those of you interested in seeing what I send out each morning below is the Saturday breakdown:
MLB – 4/28/2018 Pinn Open Pinn Current Cris Open Cris Current Model Edge Variable Edge Public % Edge Public %
2:10 PM
929 CIN-S Romano 9o-116  9.5u-120  9  9.5u-115 Strong Edge 24%
930 MIN-J Odorizzi -131/+121  -145/+135  -135/+115  -149/+134 No Edge No Edge 76%
2:15 PM
2:20 PM
901 MIL-J Guerra 64%
902 CHC-J Quintana (L) -152/+140  -171/+161  -155/+135  -175/+157 No Edge + No Edge Avg Edge 36%
4:05 PM
903 ARI-P Corbin (L) -130+120  -124/+114  -125/+105  -128/+116 66%
904 WAS-J Hellickson 8  8  8  8u-115 20+ Strong Edge Slight Edge 34%
4:05 PM
933 LAD-W Buehler 7.5o-115  -117/+107  7.5  -117/+107 40+ 59%
934 SF-C Stratton -108/-100  7.5o-120  -110/-110  7.5o-119 No Edge No Edge 41%
4:05 PM
915 TB-Y Chirinos 8.5o-111  9  8.5  9u-115 30+ Strong Edge Avg Edge 30%
916 BOS-D Price (L) -210/+192  -207/+189  -215/+175  -205/+183 70%
4:07 PM
917 TEX-B Colon 9.5u-110  9.5u-115  9  9.5u-120 No Edge + 47%
918 TOR-J Garcia (L) -161/+148  -172/+162  -165/+140  -170/+153 No Edge No Edge 53%
4:10 PM
919 SEA-M Leake 8o-116  8.5u-120  8  8.5u-115 10+ No Edge + 39%
920 CLE-C Carrasco -235/+214  -215/+195  -240/+200  -227/+203 No Edge 61%
6:05 PM
905 ATL-M Foltynewicz 8.5u-109  8o-125  8.5  8.5u-120 57%
906 PHI-N Pivetta -131/+121  -130/+120  -140/+120  -130/+118 20+ No Edge Slight Edge 43%
7:05 PM
921 DET-F Liriano (L) 9  9o-125  9  9o-120 10+ 55%
922 BAL-A Cashner -108/-100  -132/+122  -110/-110  -133/+120 No Edge No Edge + 45%
7:05 PM
907 STL-J Flaherty -109/+101  -121/+111  8  -122/+111 47%
908 PIT-T Williams 8o-119  8o-120  -110/-110  8o-119 No Edge + No Edge No Edge 53%
7:10 PM
909 COL-G Marquez -144/+133  -118/+108  -150/+130  -119/+109 66%
910 MIA-Ca Smith (L) 8.5u-107  8u-115  8.5  8u-115 No Edge + No Edge No Edge + 34%
7:10 PM
923 OAK-D Mengden 8.5o-117  9u-125  8.5  9u-125 10+ No Edge + 38%
924 HOU-L McCullers -180/+165  -205/+188  -185/+160  -200/+179 No Edge 62%
8:15 PM
8:40 PM
911 NYM-J Vargas (L) 8u-114  8u-120  8  8u-125 65%
912 SD-J Lucchesi (L) -117/+108  -130/+120  -110/-110  -133/+120 No Edge + No Edge Avg Edge 35%
9:07 PM
927 NYY-M Tanaka 8.5u-117  8u-120  8.5  8u-119 10+ 60%
928 LAA-G Richards -107/-101  -105/-105  -110/-110  -105/-105 No Edge No Edge + 40%
10:05 PM
913 LAD-A Wood (L) -117/+108  -126/+116  7.5  -129/+117 20+ Slight Edge 35%
914 SF-J Cueto 7  7  -119/-101  7 No Edge 65%


Good Luck Today


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Over an 8 year period:

1 unit plays


121-95 56.02% with a 7.64% ROI


48-28 63.15% 22.63 ROI


8 years beginning 2007

103-65 61.3% 18.75%ROI

#4 OVERALL for 2016!!!

See sportswatchmonitor.com for documented 2016 in all sports.
#4 of all handicappers for all results for 2016!!!



33-21 61.11% 18.33% ROI



Letter From a Long Time Follower

“Rick,I am still amazed how you do it. I have followed you almost from the beginning not only from your posting on your website but also you time at 2+2 forums.

I have noticed a continuous improvement year to year in your methods. But the more remarkable thing to me is your persistence in educating and putting out your picks. Almost every site I am familiar with has gone by the wayside. Yet yours keeps getting stronger and stronger.

I have to ask “Where do you get your focus and energy” to keep this up?

You have taught me a lot over the years and I have gone from a “punter” to a reasonable handicapper. Whereas before I was a typical undisciplined sports bettor I am now very aware of the necessity of a disciplined approach. It has done wonders.

In addition, you’re going from a free site to a subscription based site was long overdue. I appreciate your keeping the membership fee low and not trying to “milk” money out of the sports bettors. I know there are many that would pay substantially more to follow your site.

But that goes hand in hand with your persona that you have established in the sports betting world. You most likely do not know it but your name “RickJ” is very well-respected as one of the leading handicappers in sports betting. In addition, your reputation for integrity is as high.

There are very few real things out there but you are definitely the real thing.

Again thank you for all you have done over the years.”

My Response:

It’s hard for me to respond to that as humble a person as I am:) But it’s emails like this that I get from time to time that help keep me motivated.

I have always said in the past that I approach sports handicapping the way crossword puzzle addicts approach their morning routine. I can not think of anything more challenging than trying to figure out EV on sports games.

As far as the subscription cost I have mentioned before my goal was to defer my expenses that keep rising every year as I get more advanced in my techniques. I look at subscribers as partners in this handicapping endeavor rather than customers. Subscribers help me defer my costs and allow me to justify keeping my expensive hobby going.

Thanks for the mail. It’s nice to know I am appreciated!

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