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On Friday we had 4 plays, all in MLB. Two 1 unit plays and 2 1/2 unit plays

The 1 unit plays were San Diego +134 losing 1-10 and Cleveland +136   winning 6-5.

Our 1/2 unit plays were both on Totals with Houston Under 8 -110 a push and cubs under 8.5-110 a loss.

For big move games, we had Baltimore -121 with the line ending up at -121. We also had Pit -107 with the line moving to -129.

Today so far I have sent out two plays both in MLB. A 1 unit and a 1/2 unit play. There was also 3 big move games one of those is classified as a middle.

Things are settling down a bit with my computer problems along with WordPress problems. So I am able now to concentrate on improving the site.

Some of the improvements I plan or have implemented recently is a chat option on the lower right of the page.

Planned for the near future is to have a FAQ section. Also a better search engine for the site.

Right now for services to subscribers, there are:

1. Big Move Games, sent out around 4:00 PM the day before. These are sent out via twitter, email, and SMS

2. Breakdown of each game as to where the various things I look at the trigger. The 3 categories I share are  Models     Variables     Public%   These are sent out from 30 min to 120 before game time. These are sent out via email only

3. Plays both 1 unit and 1/2 unit. These are sent out from 4:00 A.M. the day of the game up until game time. These are sent via Twitter, Email, and SMS.

The above 3 services are designed to give the games I am wagering on and in addition for those that do their own handicapping some very good information that can be used as a filter in your handicapping.

So far this season the Big move games are the bright spot in everything. They are predicting the line moves 69.87% of the time. With an average move of +.0696.

As a bonus, if you would have bet on every one of these at the time they are released you would be sitting at 86-74 for +8.99 UNITS!

That comes to a 5.58% ROI.

The Big Line Move games are models only that not only are predictive of the line move but also so far have shown some value in wagering.

As most of you have noticed the 1 unit plays are picking up in the number of plays. That is normal around now. What happens in MLB is you have the first week or so that has situations that typically have been very good and then a lull for the models and variables to get enough games to kick in.

That is what we are seeing here. It is very rare that the first few weeks produces a 0-9 start. But it did this year. I am not placing much significance to it as the sample size is so small it is insignificant. Just one of those things as a sports bettor you have to deal with. Variance:)

If anyone has any suggestions as to how to improve the site or any additional reports that you are seeking please send me an email and I will look them over.

Good Luck Today


RickJ’s Handicapping Picks

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