Only 100 College Hoop games to handicap today:) Come join the fun!!!

Only 100 College Hoop games to handicap today:) Come join the fun!!!

4:00 Update

One more NFL game tonight:



Betting is 55% on the road dog with the line moving from -7.5+106 to -10+106. Models are neutral to slightly favoring Det, Variables slightly favors Detroit and public betting favors Seattle. The move, however, offsets that to a degree. Nothing really stands out, especially when you consider the % numbers are far from extreme. This game is a pass for me. I would have considered taking Detroit but my rules prevent me from taking a side where over 50% of the betting is on that side.

11:45 Update:

First game of the NFL playoffs coming up at 1:30:



Betting is 57% on the Home favorite with the line moving from -3-103 to -3.5-110. It’s -4 at many books. My models point strongly to Oakland. About as strong as it can get without waiving a red flag. Variables also point to Oakland. Public betting is neutral.

I was hoping to bet Oakland today but at 43% betting on Oakland my rules prevent me from taking that side. However, if you are thinking about going with the crowd on Houston you might want to give the game another look.

Good Luck Today whichever side you take. I will be passing.



A monster day today with 100 College Hoop games, a full slate of NBA and NHL, along with the NFL playoffs thrown in as a bonus:)

These are the days as a handicapper if you are not organized you will get a headache very fast.

On Friday we had two plays. In College Hoops, we won with W. Michigan +11.5 59-66 and lost with Miami +2.5 100-127. (yes you read the Miami game right).

Today I have sent out one play already and have already spent several hours working on the games for today.

A correction to what I wrote previously as to the $196.00 special. I had said it ended the 9th. I must have been thinking about something else when I wrote that as the special last through the super bowl. I am prone to making off the wall comments like that but I can always count on subscribers to set me straight:)

College Hoops is coming along very nicely this season:

Sides 31-19-2  62%

Totals 27-15    64.28%

We are +19.6 Units today for the 2016-2017 Season with an ROI of 21.5%!!!

Also, the NHL is showing some life after a sluggish start:

34-37 +8.73 Units  with an ROI of  12.29%

As I have indicated in the past College Hoops is comprised of 4 seasons. 1. Preconference plays 2. Conference play 3. Conference tournaments and 4. NCAA Tournament time

All 4 seasons have distinct handicapping characteristics. While some overlap some are unique to the particular season College Hoops is in.

Historically Conference play has been the signal to be cautious. But I did some work during the offseason particularly as a result of the dramatic downswing we had toward the end of last season.

The result of my fine tuning has changed several parameters for conference play along with conference tournament play.

Although it is next to impossible to wager on sports every day and escape variance there are things you can do to minimize its effect. I put that on the top of my list of things to stay on top of when looking over my techniques.

I am falling a bit behind answering questions and will try to get caught up shortly. In addition, for those of you considering other handicapping services or for that matter stock investing services, you might want to send me an email as to my opinion of what you are considering.

I have studied these areas to the nth degree and you should find my input invaluable.

Back to handicapping:)

Good Luck Today


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