A light Christmas day for sports bettors…Its a good time to reflect:)

Saturday we had 4 plays in the NFL and went 1-3. Our winner was with New Eng Under 45.5 41-3 and we lost with New Orleans under 52.5 31-24, Minn +6.5 25-38 and Carolina +3 16-33.

For the first time I can remember in a long time the NFL is flat on the season going into the last week of regular season.

Today so far I have sent out 1 play.

Its a light schedule and I will be sending out any plays that develop as they become clear.

We have two games in the NFL today:



Betting is 54% on Pitt with the line moving from -5 to -5.5-110. Models are neutral, Variables slightly favor Baltimore, public betting is neutral. This game is a clear cut pass. The only thing that gives any hints to the right side on the game is the variables I look at. However that really are not that strong on the game. I am passing



Betting is 68% on the home favorite with the line moving from -4.5 to -3.5+100. Models slightly favor KC, Variables slightly favor Denver, and public betting favors Denver. This game is a bit closer to a play. But I am passing as the variables are just a slight edge and so slight you could even argue there is no edge on that note. The reverse line move from -4.5 to -3.5 is probably the strongest thing going for Denver however the models slightly point to KC.  Nothing very clear cut here so I am passing.

Good Luck Today which ever side you choose


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