2-0 for +2.83 units in MLB Saturday!! Its about time:)

Saturday we went 2-0 in MLB. Minn -117 won 17-5 and Cinci +183 won 9-4. It was looking like deja vu in the Cinci game as they had a 4-1 lead but then in the bottom of the 8th a 3 run inning tied it up. I am sure the word “not again” were going through many minds at that time. But something strange happened:) Cinci put up 5 runs the top of the 10th and game over!

We also had two big move games :

Phil +126
Minn -109

Closing lines on these games were:

Phil +137
Minn -119

One went our way the other went against us. These big moves in MLB started out strong and have now been about 50/50 for the last week or so. Logically this would be normal as the lines get tougher and tougher into the season.
But its still a bit early to draw that conclusion.

Today in MLB I have sent on a 1 unit play and also a 1/2 unit play. In addition, I sent out two big move games last night for today.

I am still having a few word press problems so if you have some difficulty with the site being slow at times it’s something I am working on. I thought understanding medicare options was complicated. WordPress is 10x more complex:) But be patient I am closing in on a streamlined site.

Good Luck Today

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