2-0 In college football Sat, Season to date in Football 14-3. Westgate NFL top 5 along with my top 5, My thoughts for a Sunday morning.

Another Strong day in College Football Saturday. Two plays and both easy winners.  NC State +14 won the game outright 30-29 and Kansas State U63 was another easy in going under by 12 Pts. That brings our Season to date record in college football for this season to 10-2!!!

That is +7.8 Units and 83.33% win rate. ROI is 65%!

A blazing start to college football.

In the NFL we are 4-1 Season to date. I have sent out 1 play to subscribers for today. Also, I  sent out my Westgate top 5 picks for today based upon the Westgate lines. For Subscribers, they get these shortly after 11:00 on Saturday.

Todays Westgate top 5 picks for me is :


I am on 2 of the bottom 5 this week. I am off to a very slow start in my top 5 picks after another losing week going 2-3.
Interestingly enough I am also in an NFL contest where you pick every game against the spread. Last Season I was a tad over 55%. This season I am right at 55% with a 28-22 record.
I send my picks in the all spread contest to subscriber Sunday before the games start along with my thoughts on each game. I am also available to answer any questions during the day on any game played that day.
We are still in the first half of both the NFL and College football season. It is not too late to join us. So far this is a record-breaking Season for me in both College football and the NFL.
I am back now to where I started. College Football and the NFL are the most solid of all the sports. It has gone back and forth. College baskets when I first started handicapping it was the nuts:)  I went 2 or 3 years with a solid winning season. I struggled last season, so we will see if I can continue my form when Hoops start.
Over the years MLB or any money line sport for that matter has been the toughest for the way I handicap. But since I started putting out overnights the last 3 years of MLB have been solid with very little downswings to worry about. This season only being 60 games makes it more of a crapshoot. We had our first losing season in MLB Regular Season since I started giving them 50% back.  I expect if we are back to a real regular season we will be back in form in MLB for 2021.
The NHL had no plays this season and the NBA because of Covid I pretty much stayed away from. But I did squeeze out two totals that were both easy winners for so far a 2-0 Season.
My goal is not only to produce positive EV plays but to keep subscribers out of trouble. As you know gamblers have a propensity to get in trouble, I was once one of them:)  That is why I try to educate as much as I try to produce winning plays.
Good Luck Today
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