2017 regular season MLB is winding to a close. Now we have the playoffs!!!

Finally have some free time this morning now that the 9:00 games have started in college football.

We had a great football weekend last week so let’s see if we can continue it.

We have started out losing with the Bears+7 as a 1/2 unit play in the NFL. Also, the Bears was one of my picks in the contest:(

In MLB we are mulling around just above breakeven at +.675 units. The overnight sides fell down the last month of the season.

There is a very high % play in the NL on the 29th and 30th for unders that meet certain criteria. Two games met the criteria last night with Phil under 9.5-123 winning 6-2 and Washington Under 7.5+103 winning 6-1.

The overnight side of Balt +132 lost 0-7 and the line went down to +106.  Perhaps in Sept, next season middles will be the way to play these. I will have to give some thought on the offseason.

Today so far I have sent out 2 plays.

For the 1/2 money back proposition, it looks like the 2 totals from last night might have cemented a + season for MLB despite being so small. We have one total going today.

I doubt there will be any more plays in MLB. The special setups for totals expire today and so far the Cubs was the only other game besides the overnight total I sent out that is close to qualifying. But the move from 8.5 to 8 takes it out of the running.

I have given some thought to the guarantee I put out at the beginning of the MLB season. This could have gone either way at the end thanks to the 0-9 start for 1 unit plays and the breakdown of overnight sides in September.

If we win with our total today we will be plus 1.195 units and if we lost we will be +.175 units.

I have decided to give everyone that qualifies for a refund of $49.00 which is one month’s subscription. I am not satisfied with a little over breakeven on MLB and despite a +13 unit gain last season I expect to do much better in 2018.

Now I know last year many of you emailed me and said you do not want the 50% refund in the event I have a losing season. I appreciate that but do not bother emailing me with that request this time.

Tomorrow A.M. I will be sending the %49.00 refund to all that qualify. That means if you have been with me on MLB from April 1st uninterrupted to October 1st you will have the 49 sent back to you via paypal.

If you have a recurring subscription please do not mess with that. This will be completely separate from the subscription. It would be too confusing to do it any other way.

Let me also say those that have been with me for the last 2 seasons of MLB and have not lost their discipline, are in the few % of sportsbettors that can do that.  Very few.

If anyone has any questions regarding this please do not hesitate to let me know.


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MLB has now entered the 3rd month of the season!  Results posted.

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