3-0 on College hoops Tuesday. All three dogs won the game outright!!!

3-0 on College hoops Tuesday. All three dogs won the game outright!!!

On Monday we went 0-2 Losing with Kansas St +2.5 71-74 and in the NHL Buffalo +109 1-2.

Then on Tuesday, we had 4 plays going 3-1. Winning with Penn St +3.5 70-64, Alabama +8 90-86 in quadruple OT!!!, and Siena +5 81-79. And yes all three dogs in college hoops won outright!!!

Our loser was in the NBA with Orlando +12 104-128.

Today so far I have sent out no plays.

I received an email last night that should give more of an idea what to expect as to timing on a few of these plays.

” I wasn’t able to get this play in on time in the future would it be possible to send out a tweet letting us know if a game might be a play so we can be ready once you confirm.”

My response:

“These plays that come up less than 5 min before game time are ones that there is no way of knowing how the numbers are going to end up before I send it out.

Many games have potential but few actually develop.

I send it out rather than not as many do get down on the game. I understand however it’s tough to get down on some of these. But very few get sent out within 5 min of game time.

I wish I could make it easier on these and if I knew of a way I would!”


This does not come up that often but it does happen occasionally. For each game, I review maybe 10 different sets of numbers and 4 or 5 of these numbers are not static. In addition that is in virtually every game that is on the schedule for the day.

Now I do filter a number of games out but still, there is a lot of moving parts to my handicapping. Everything needs to line up before a play is triggered. Sometimes but not often this can occur withing 5 min of game time. If you’re equipped to get your wager in then that is great. If not, then these plays will have to be passed by you.

Practically speaking it should not take more than 1 or 2 min to get a bet down once you get the play. If you wagering through a private book most take wagers on College hoops even if you’re a min late. If it’s online then that option is not available.

I hope that covers it. I know it is frustrating to miss getting down on a play, especially when it wins. I have experienced that and it is no fun. But in the grand scheme of things, it is all part of the sports betting experience:)

Good Luck Today


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