3-0 on Monday ….2-0 MLB and 1-0 WNBA

Monday was a good day going 3-0 all 1 unit plays.

In MLB St Louis +109 won 4-2 and the White Sox -113 won 8-1. In the WNBA we also had a 1 unit play on Conn -1 which won 89-87.

There were 5 Big Move Games:

Dodgers -137

Tampa +174

St Louis +109

San Fran -148

White Sox -113

Closing lines:

Dodgers -119

Tampa +184

St Louis -102

San Fran -144

White Sox -116

First time in awhile that these went against us. Two of the games went against us while 1 went our way. The other 2 were pretty close.

Today I have sent out so far a 1 unit play along with 4 Big Move Games

I received the following email I would like to share:

“Rick I just got cut off from a local book that’s online and was giving me -105…and another one is probably gonna cut me off when we settle at the end of the month to be honest if I were them they should have cut me off long ago…so I’m on borrowed time in my mind…my unit is $3k a game any suggestions for online books somewhere easy to deposit and withdrawal… I know you said the best is getting a pinny agent but that’s tough to make happen it seems.

Another thing I will say is I never thought I would see the day where I am running out of local options but it seems that they are all on to my antics thanks to you!”

My Response:

If your a positive EV sports bettor aside from variance you have an additional 2 risks.

  1. The book cuts you off
  2. The book does not pay you

Over the years I have encountered both frequently. Even here in Vegas, there are sports books that cut winning bettors off. So what does one do? It’s important to have many outs. And it’s important to spend some time researching any possible way to get into Pinnacle or Matchbook. Both never were open to U.S. Bettors but until a few years ago it was very easy to get accounts with both.

Both have now left the U.S. Market due to a hostile environment. But that has loosened up a bit but still very hard to get done.

Online books are a tough way to go as risk changes quite often betting with them. I have not researched online books for awhile as I have had no need to. But you can research online and get current updates along with extensive user experiences. My recommendation is if your a 4 figure bettor to get 3 to 5 accounts with the top rated books and spread your betting out. That is the best one can do.

Or you can do as I have and work out something with a solid local book that is interested in what your picks are in exchange for letting you wager. If anything in most cases it provides an offset to the public betting that he is taking in. But again to do that the book has to have 0 risk of not paying. They are hard to find.

I hope this gives some insight but you have encountered one of the difficulties of being a winning sports bettor.


We have week 3 in college football coming up along with week 2 in the NFL. We are sitting at 6-2 in College football and 2-0 in the NFL. It’s not too late to join us . Take a look at the PayPal subscription options and choose the one you’re interested in. All have a 3-day free trial which gives you the opportunity to take a look and change your mind before day 4!

Good Luck Today


RickJ’s Handicapping Picks

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