3-1 for +2.5 Units in MLB for Thursday. Come join our sports betting group handicapping MLB

On Thursday in sports betting we had 4 overnight plays and went 3-1 for +2.5 Units. That brings us to +12.95 Units in MLB for the season to date.
Today we have 3 Overnight plays from Yesterday pending.
Yes, we have 4 days left in April for MLB sports betting and we are just under 13 units to the plus side for the season.
That is an excellent start to what looks like what will be a promising season for wagering in MLB.
For those of you that have been following wanting to join in the fun we are having I have made it easy to sign up:
The cost of the subscription is only $49.00 a month. That includes all sports that I handicap during your subscription.
Not only do you get the plays but you also get a breakdown each morning of every MLB game for the day to help with your own handicapping.
Here is what I sent out on Thursday morning:
MLB – 4/26/2018Pinn OpenPinn CurrentCris OpenCris CurrentModel EdgeVariable EdgePublic % EdgePublic %
12:35 PM
901 ATL-S Newcomb (L)-113/+104 -132/+122 -119/-101 -135/+12272%
902 CIN-H Bailey9u-115 9 9 9u-1195+No EdgeAvg Edge28%
12:35 PM
919 DET-M Fulmer8u-118 8u-115 8 8u-120Slight EdgeNo Edge +37%
920 PIT-I Nova-135/+125 -140/+129 -140/+120 -141/+12710+63%
1:05 PM
903 ARI-M Koch8.5o-115 8.5o-127 8.5 8.5o-12551%
904 PHI-B Lively-109/+101 -122/+113 -115/-105 -119/+10920+No EdgeNo Edge49%
1:05 PM
909 MIN-K Gibson9.5u-114 9.5 9 9.5o-115Strong Edgeslight edge32%
910 NYY-J Montgomery (L)-185/+170 -188/+173 -185/+160 -190/+1705+68%
1:15 PM
905 NYM-N Syndergaard7u-110 7u-107 7 755%
906 STL-C Martinez-120/+111 -105/-103 -125/+105 -107/-103No Edge +No EdgeNo Edge45%
6:10 PM
911 SEA-J Paxton (L)7.5u-116 7.5u-110 7.5 7.5u-11910+slight edge32%
912 CLE-M Clevinger-125/+115 -107/-101 -140/+120 -106/-104No Edge68%
7:05 PM
913 TB-C Archer7.5o-119 7.5o-115 7.5 7.5o-11910+57%
914 BAL-D Bundy-138/+127 -120/+111 -130/+110 -128/+116No EdgeAvg Edge43%
7:07 PM
915 BOS-C Sale (L)-175/+161 -199/+182 -190/+160 -202/+18180+79%
916 TOR-M Estrada8u-119 8u-112 8 8u-115Avg EdgeStrong Edge21%
8:05 PM
907 MIL-C Anderson10+48%
908 CHC-K Hendricks-144/+133 -157/+145 -144/+124 -157/+141No EdgeNo Edge52%
8:15 PM
917 CHW-L Giolito8.5u-114 8.5u-113 8.5 8.5u-11930+Slight Edge34%
918 KC-J Junis-140/+129 -146/+135 -150/+130 -150/+130No Edge66%
This information is invaluable if you are doing your own handicapping in baseball.
As most of you know handicapping sports successfully is a very tough endeavor. It always helps to have a guide to help you along the handicapping path.
That is my goal, to be a guide. To help you learn and in the process to also provide a pathway to finding positive EV plays.
Come join us for the month and get an idea how successful handicapping works!
Good Luck Today
RickJ’s Handicapping Picks
Skype: riccja

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