3-1 in MLB on Monday!!! Seattle, White Sox under and Dodgers all winners!!! Want a free trial???

Monday we had 4 plays in MLB and went 3-1.

Seattle +131 won 6-5, White Sox Under 9.5 even won 5-4,  Dodgers +108 won 5-1 and the Angels -118 lost 3-6.

Note that the Dodgers and the Angels were overnight plays. These were Big Move Games which I am now playing at 1/2 unit.

Both of these were predictive of the line move.

So far today we have 1 overnight.

So far this season things are stable since we started the season 0-9 on one unit plays. There is at the beginning of the season some very good setups that historically have been excellent. This season they went 0-9:(

But that is what gambling is all about. Do not let these types of things derail you from your goals. It is easy to throw in the towel after a start like that. If that is the way you observe yourself thinking it’s best to take a break until you are more committed to this endeavor.

Remember human nature is going to keep nagging at you to undermine everything it takes to maintain a positive attitude. It is just the way things are. Few are born with the attributes to think the way professionals think when gambling. It is an acquired trait that takes time and usually hard knocks to get things right.

Remember also that most never get it right. They just cannot overcome human nature. That voice inside you that says quit, plunge, bet it all. Each voice is different for each person but they all have the same goal. To sabotage your success. Until you recognize it for what it is and then learn how to control it you will not have a chance.

Enough preaching for today:)

Good Luck Today


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