A 3-2 day for Hilton NFL Picks and 3-1 for one unit plays Sunday!!!

A 3-2 day for Hilton NFL Picks and 3-1 for one unit plays Sunday!!!

3:00 Update

1 game tonight in the NFL



Betting is 65% on the Home dog with the line moving from Giants-2.5-105 to Cinci -1-109.  Models strongly favor the Giants, Variables are mixed with some of the strongest on both teams , and public betting favors cinci. This is quite a number of factors that are competing against each other that you usually do not see. All three areas I look at have strong indications of a positive EV. The difficulty is they are not all centered on one team but both. This game to me is about as clear a pass as one could get. And that is what I am doing.

Also let me mention the San fran game from yesterday. I have always said that handicapping sports is similar to flying as an instrument rated pilot. They teach as an instrument rated pilot that if you get into trouble and your instruments are telling you one thing while your brain is telling you another always trust your instruments. Many a good pilot has violated this and flown a perfectly good airplane into the ground!

So yesterday I had my instruments pointing strongly to San Fran but my brain told me otherwise. Interesting pastime handicapping sports:)

Good Luck Tonight which ever side you choose.


Sunday turned out to be a good day. Our one unit plays went 3-1. In the NFL we had Tenn +3 and they won easily winning outright 47-25. In the NHL we went 1-0 with Vancouver +110 winning 5-4. It was looking grim with Vancouver down 2-4 in the 3rd. But they went in to OT and won the game! Then in the NBA I sent out a 1 unit play very early in the day with Charlotte +8. This turned out good for several reasons. First Charlotte covered 93-100 but also the line went down to +7 later in the day. So sending the play out early gave us a win. Then we had our loser in College hoops with Seton Hall -28 losing 82-58.

So a +2 unit day for us after a few days of a draw down.

So far today I have sent out 1 one unit play.

I am going to try to send out more plays early in the NBA as the NBA for spread betting is one of the toughest to handicap.

In the Hilton contest I am now 26-22-2 . Or as they score it 27 pts. Its now time for my run as time goes by pretty fast in these contests.

I am getting a lot of emails where bettors have tried to sign up from the subscribe portion of top of the page. The link is wrong, of course, and refers you only to the front page of paypal. Its best until I get the link fixed to go to the paypal drop-down menu and pick the subscription option there.  All options have a 3 day free trial.

Good Luck Today


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