3-2 for Saturday Plays for +.51 UNITS

We had a fairly busy day on Saturday as we approach the last week in April. Our 1 unit plays went 1-1. Winning with Cinci +151 13-5 and losing with San Diego +137 2-11. Our half unit play in MLB lost with  Atlanta +133 2-8. We had one other  one-half unit play in the NBA with Portland Under 208.5 winning easily 96-88! So overall a +.51 unit day on 5 plays.

One way to evaluate your handicapping results is in addition to using win/loss records is to figure out your ROI. This allows you to make some sort of comparison across the board on all sports regardless if they are money line or spread betting. For instance looking at MLB the first 3 weeks:

We have 47 plays for +3.235 units. That comes out to an ROI of  7.17%. So considering the vig is typically 1/2% or less in MLB not only we overcome that but we have gained 7.17%. Typically if you can do over 5% year in and year out you are in a rare group of handicappers. It’s extremely tough in the long run to break the 5% barrier. In the NHL, we had 141 plays for + 9.875 Units or 7% ROI and in College Hoops 265 units for +21.79 units or 8.22% ROI. 

To put things in perspective the above results are most likely in the top 5% of handicappers across the country if not higher. Anything over 5% ROI will get you the money with the only problem you have is keeping places to wager. You still have variance to get you but if you have been following me for long I most likely have you close to being conditioned as to how important variance is as a variable.

Our discussion regarding transparency has lead to quite a few emails with other suggestions on how to improve this site. I appreciate that and will begin implementing some of the suggestions in the near future. Most are minor and many cosmetic.

Let me mention this design I have for the most part is the one I have been using for the last 13 years. The big difference is I changed the theme a few months ago to get up to speed on the many changes WordPress has gone through since I started posting. Its really amazing how an entire industry has been born all related to WordPress.

It’s interesting to see all you can do now with the theme but on the other hand, all parts are interrelated so a change can produce unwanted results in other areas of the site. Now, of course, you could hire someone for 100.00 an hour to fine tune your site but I have decided to learn and make mistakes instead:) So much of the difficulty you see with the site is my learning curve.

The one thing I am working on frantically is making my site more user-friendly for mobile devices. Amazingly there are very few options that are reasonable but I have already implemented one solution which you are seeing right now and it’s far from perfect.

Enough of the boring stuff. A full slate of baseball today and I slept in this morning so a lot of work to do before game time.

I always welcome suggestions so feel free to join in as my intent is to keep improving this site for both as a gateway to our group and also to provide up to date information for the general sports bettor.

Finally, can you believe the NFL lines for the 1st week of the season are up! And the nutjob I am I have started handicapping the 1st week. And there are a few games I like. Now it’s just waiting until  Sept 8th:)

Good Luck Today


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