30-23 Season to date in football. 76-58 or 56.6% picking every game ATS! Comments on my predict wagers. My thoughts for a Sunday Morning

A 2-4 day in College Football yesterday brings my season to date record to 21-19 or 52.5%

In the NFL I sit at 9-4.

For Football this season I am at 30-23 or 56.6 %

I am also in a contest where you pick every game against the spread. Yes, you heard that right every game against the spread.

I sit at 76-58 or 56.7% , About 1.5% over where I finished last season in the Contest.

I send all my picks from this contest the day of the game to subscribers.

My top picks based upon the Westgate lines this week are:

SF +9

CAR +5.5

HOU +3

Wash +4

Bears +2.5

I send these out to subscribers around noon on Saturday.

The Westgate contest top 5 picks went 1-4 last week bringing their record to 22-23. Historically this is an excellent result for them.

The Westgate Top  5 this week is:






I am fading two of the top 5 this week and not with any of them

The Bottom 5 this week is:







I am one of the bottom 5 this week.

As many of you know I have added slack to my method of sending out plays. There are two parts to my slack account. One for my investment side where I share all my stock and option trades. The other is the sports side where you get my plays, analysis, and have the ability to chat with me in real-time during the day.

I have sub-boards where subscribers can interact with each other also on a variety of topics.

If you wish to join us for the next 30 days I have made it easy for you:


Sign up now and I will have you signed on within minutes.

My goal is not only to produce positive EV plays but to keep subscribers out of trouble. I have been doing this online for over 20 years now!!!

As you know gamblers have a propensity to get in trouble, I was once one of them:)  That is why I try to educate as much as I try to produce winning plays.

I had an excellent Political Betting election season this year. I one over 50% of my wagers against the “dirty 30” and My bet on Trump getting odds I laid off early getting 3 to 1.  Many of the other races I laid off with a profit also when the timing was right. That is the good thing about a prediction market like Predict it. There is a bid and asked on most wagers.

The cost however is high. You pay a % on your winnings. And then a % when you cash out. But considering the overlays, it has a lot of value.

Good Luck Today
RickJ’s Handicapping Picks
Slack: Rickjsports


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