3-2 last week in the Super Contest, 3-1-1 in College football. Westgate NFL Super Contest Picks, Westgate top and bottom 5 and two new political wagers posted.

We are heading into week 6 of the NFL and I sit at 15-9 in the Westgate NFL Supercontest or 60% after a 3-2 weekend in the contest last week. Sitting at 60% before the halfway point is not a bad place to be. Any type of run at this point and who knows:)

In College Football we went 3-1-1 this weekend bringing the season to date record to 14-9-1 or 60.8%. I started betting totals in college football this weekend also. Plays this weekend were: W Mich Under 57 W  Illinois Under 49 L E. Mich Under 57.5 W Ball St +105 W San Jose St +3 T.

In the NFL for Plays, I am 5-5-1 going 0-1 last week losing with the Jets +14. Often times plays are not always in my Westgate NFL picks.

My picks this week  in the Westgate NFL Supercontest are:

Cleveland +1

Jacksonville -1.5

Arizona +2.5

Denver -2

Minn -3

Another tough week for picking games. The week before was one of the toughest for me and this week was not that much different:)

The Westgate top 5 went 3-2 last week bouncing back from a 1-4 week. Their record to date is 14-11.






I am with them on two of the top 5:(  and fading one of the top 5.

The bottom 5 picks are:






On the political odds front, I cashed out my Netanyahu wagers for an 80% gain. (Why get greedy)

I made two new wagers this morning:

I wagered 57/43 on the Republican winning the LA gov. race and also wagered 65/35 on the Republican winning the KY Gov race. I view the Republican in LA at least a 2 to 1 favorite and in Ky  at least a 3 to 1 fav. Two nice overlays if I have it viewed correctly. I like to make wagers that are no more than a month out, as I do not like money sitting online for events over a year away.

There are plenty of good overlays on these as the media shape public opinion, and that creates betting opportunities. Especially when the odds are in part based upon media polling. Political wagering can be one of the most profitable forms of wagering you will find if you can keep your ideological bias out of it. If you cannot, it will break you:)

It’s still not too late to join us as we are in the beginning stages of the NFL and College football. All subscriptions have a 3-day free trial. Just go to the PayPal drop-down menu on this site and choose the monthly option. Hope to see you join us!

Good Luck Today:)



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