NFL Week 3 Circa Picks, Week 2 Recap, Thoughts on other issues

Week 2 in the NFL I came back to earth:)

I went 2-3 in the Circa contest thanks to Baltimore Sunday evening. Its always grim when you are 1-3 going into your last


In addition my plays I sent out to subscribers did not fare any better going 1-3 Bringing my plays to 4-4 on the Season

In the ALL Spread contest I went 9-7 last week bringing my record there to 18-15 or 54.54% against the spread picking

every game. I send these out to subscribers with commentary the day of the game.

In the Westgate super contest the top 5 picks went a whopping 0-5! Bringing their record after the first two

weeks to 2-8. As I had mentioned fading the top 5 has been a winner most seasons. 


My 5 Picks this week in the Circa Contest are:

Wash +7.5

Saints +3

Chargers +6.5

Miami +4

Rams +1.5

I am on none of the top 5 in the Westgate , I am fading 2 of the top 5 this week. Right where I like to be:)


This week the Westgate top 5:




San Fran

Tampa Bay


The Westgate bottom 5 this week are:






I am on none of the bottom 5 this week.


Today so far I have sent out no plays in the NFL.


The first two weeks was rather easy for me in finding picks and plays. This week not so much. I do not know if that is good or bad:)

On the Investing side of my service for the first time ever I could find no 2 day short puts with any value. I added a few income trades last week. Those have been very solid , not only producing around 8% in dividend returns but also a hefty amount of capital gains.

My premonition of last week being the weakest week of the year was correct, as the early in the week dip was enough to give me a nice gain shorting SPY. I got out of the position on Tuesday. 

This part of my service is perhaps the most overlooked. Every morning before the open I give a rundown of various things I am looking at that includes objective measures of what to expect during the day. I try to correlate the political events to how they may affect the markets. 

My comments that Powell would not tighten either by way of asset sales or interest rate hikes was accurate as they stayed steady the last meeting. The worry now is the debt ceiling, but as we all know the government will not shut down. The brinkman ship continues, and at the last second something will be passed.

As a subscriber you have access to all plays from all sports, and also most of my trades and commentary.

For trading I use Slack exclusively, and for plays I use Slack, Twitter and email. You can use all 3 if you like.

The cost of the service is only 49.00 a month. You get a 3 day free trial, and have the option to quit anytime.  Unlike other services far less successful who charge thousands and lock you in for the entire season. It is one of the few values left in sports services at this point.

I have been providing this for 20 years now and most of my subscribers come from word of mouth. 

If you wish to subscribe go to, click on the PayPal button and choose the monthly subscription.

There is an option for a yearly subscription. But I do not recommend it until you have been a subscriber for a few months. Betting sports is not for everyone. It has its ups and downs. Few can weather the variance let alone come up with +EV methods.

I do much better then most for far less the money. 

Good Luck Today

Rick J

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