We are on a 4-0 run heading into a very busy sports betting day!!!

We are on a 4-0 run heading into a very busy sports betting day!!!

Friday we had 3 one unit plays and went 3-0. In the NBA we won with Atlanta +7 125-121 and Sacramento +5 96-92. In the NHL we also won with San Jose +122 4-2.

So we are on a 4-0 run right now heading into a very busy day today. Let’s see if we can continue today.

So far no plays have been sent out but the onslaught of games begins in a bit over an hour from now.

We are back in the + column this month after a slow start

. It is only the 17th so the month still has the potential to turn into another +13 unit month as the last two did.

This is the way sports betting goes. You can hang around even for awhile and then all of a sudden break out to the upside with a big 3 or 4-day run. Also, you have seasons like baseball where we hovered around the even mark for the first 3 months of the season and then finally broke out to the upside for a nice season.

You have to have patience, discipline and conviction to be able to stay the course wagering every day. It’s essential you understand variance and keep your perspective on the big picture. I always find it strange when a new subscriber gets upset when they lose a close game. One game!

It’s like the poker players I ran into that keep score by the day. Or get upset because someone hit a one outer on them. In the poker rooms, this happens every day.

So the lesson is to keep a perspective on the big picture. Forget the day to day swings. They mean nothing. Unless of course, you’re oversizing your bets. If you’re doing that it’s just a matter of time before you go bust. One bad swing will get you!

Enough rambling I still have quite a bit of handicapping to do. Remember if anyone has any questions please send me an email.

Good LuckToday


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