4-0 on Saturday with 3 of the 4 dogs winning outright!!! 3 day free Trial available!!!

4-0 on Saturday with 3 of the 4 dogs winning outright!!! 3 day free Trial available!!!

On Saturday we had 4 plays in College Hoops and all 4 were a winner.

Winners were Syracuse +3 82-72, Texas A&M +15 77-81, Miami Fla +5.5  77-62 and UTEP 14  91-68.

4 dogs and three won outright with two of them in a blowout!!!

Look out we are now in jeopardy to make it 7 winning months in a row. We are off  .19 units for the month with 3 days left.

The last 3 months produced +35.25 Units while the 3 months before that were +17.07 units. The last losing month was in June 2016 and was -3.72 units.

This is about as steady as it gets. Very little drawdown and a steady increase in +units.

I wanted to give everyone an idea of what I am doing with the New Variable by sending out games where it triggered in College Hoops.

I then asked for some feedback from subscribers and while most was positive many indicated they only wanted plays tweeted out to them and not the variables.

I certainly can understand that and what I am going to do to accomodate the majority of subscribers is that while the New Variables are still in the evaluation stage I will post them on my web site only. That way I will stick with the majority’s wishes not to take over the private twitter feed with anything but plays.

I am open for suggestions however but as of now that will be how I will handle these.

The New Variables on Saturday went 12-10 with the breakdown as follows:

Home Fav 3-0

Away Fav 1-1

Home Dog 1-2

Away Dog 0-1

Over  3-2

Under 4-4

As I mentioned this are still in the evaluation mode and I anticipate they will get more reliable as I tweak the parameters based upon the real time testing you are seeing now.

As far as those of you that wish to use these, my suggestion is that under no circumstance should you bet these as a stand alone model right now. If you have successful handicapping techniques that you have been using for a number of years then by all means incorporate these into your methods as a filter.

So from today going forward New Variables until the evaluation period is over will be posted on my site about 5 to 10 min before game times. I will also send out a notice on Rickjsportplays twitter feed that there is a New Var post.

Good Luck Today


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