4-1 on Friday for +3.11 Units!!! Follow @rick_sports for a 3 day free trial!!!

Friday plays picked up a bit with 5 plays and going 4-1!

We had a 1 unit play on Phil +174 winning 6-1, a 1/2 unit play on Minn +152 winning 5-0 and 3 overnights with San Diego +120 winning 1-0, Oakland +102 winning 3-0 and Texas +106 losing 1-2.

So a 4-1 day for +3.11 units.

Today so far I have sent out 3 overnights.

As my subscribers know I have been sending out a breakdown of each game by models, variables and public betting.

I have decided to add to the breakdown to make it easier for subscribers to see some of the actual numbers at the time I send them out.

I am going to include the actual % numbers on each team for the money line. In addition, I will note whether there is a reverse line move on the game.

In MLB baseball in many situations, the RLM adds value to the game as long as the move is not too large. Typically around .20 is the cutoff. You can use that as a guide but again this is not a hard and fast rule. It would be far too complicated to cover every subset of RLM in MLB on a daily spreadsheet.

In addition, I will note on the variables if they are a 1 unit or 1/2 unit variable.

And finally, there is one other item that adds value in most instances. Steam moves from either Pinnacle or Chris in the majority of instances adds value to the side. When it does I will add the steam in the variable portion of the report.

You’re going to get a bit more information now that you can use if you’re doing your own handicapping. This is just a small portion of what I do each day but it is invaluable if you’re attempting to handicap these games on your own.

If anyone has any questions please send me an email and I will try to clear anything up for you. In addition, if there is information that you would like me to add let me know and I will give it some thought.

This report alone is worth far more than the small subscription fee for this service. There is no other service I know of that produces that information and value that our site does.

You get:

1. overnights that have been 70% accurate in predicting the line movement while also producing a positive EV

2. Plays both 1 unit and 1/2 unit sent out during the day of the game which you can get directly to your cell

3. Breakdowns of each MLB game for the day

4. The ability to ask questions regarding any game or subject during the day (answers are usually given within 30 min)

The all-star break is coming up so take the time to look our service over and consider joining for the 2nd half of the season or try a 3-day free trial by following our private twitter feed @rick_sports.

The cost compared to other services is peanuts!

Good Luck Today


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