4-2 on Tuesday with 4 more plays for today in MLB!!!

Tuesday plays picked up with 6 plays going 4-2. 5 of the plays were overnight plays.

The 1/2 unit regular play was Cin-125 winning 8-6. The overnights were White Sox +137 winning 4-3, San Fran +122 4-3, Texas +149  2-1 San Diego -104 0-3 and St Louis -103  5-6.

So far today I have sent out 4 plays.

I received quite a few emails yesterday after sending out an example of the breakdown of the MLB games. Some asked if they could subscribe to that feature alone and what the cost would be.

I do not have the service broken down piecemeal like that. The subscription cost is so low compared to anything else of this caliber available to bettors that the price should not be an issue.

Most other services are over 1,000 for each sport. In addition, you pay a lump sum and it is nonrefundable. So you are locked in for the season.

This service is a small monthly subscription fee primarily designed to share in my costs of the variety of data I get. Along with a small amount for my time and energy.

The monthly cost is only $49.00 and covers all sports going on that I handicap during that month.

I challenge anyone to find a service that produces the value that this service has for subscribers. You could find a service charging 2,000 for the MLB season and still not get close to the value you will find here.

Now that is my humble opinion for what it is worth:)

So to answer the question there is no method to only subscribe to the per game breakdown that I provide on every MLB game.

I appreciate the question and had not given it a thought until now.

One other email I would like to share”


I just stumbled across your site yesterday and had to look twice to see if it was you.

I come to Vegas several times a year and almost every time I sit down in the Omaha 8 game I could count on seeing your friendly face at the table. I always enjoyed playing with you and we have talked from time to time.

The last year of so when I came in you were nowhere to be found. And I wondered what happened to you as you were a fixture at the Omaha 8 game.

So it was a real surprise to see your handicapping site. I just left Vegas after playing in several tournaments and some live poker during the tournament.

So just wanted to say hi and hope all is well with you. ”

It is always nice to get emails like this. I have made a lot of friends over the years and that is one of the positive things about playing poker full time. You meet people from all over the world, all with different backgrounds.

So I miss that about playing but it was time for me to move on. Once poker stopped being a passion for me and started being an ordeal I knew I was ready to shift gears and concentrate on other things.

You only get one go through in life so you should always be open to what your instincts are telling you. And that is what I did.

Good Luck Today


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