4 winning days in a row now for a 10-3 +7.22 unit run!!! This sports betting sure can be fun sometimes:)

4 winning days in a row now for a 10-3 +7.22 unit run!!! This sports betting sure can be fun sometimes:)

Our run continues with 4 plays on Friday going 3-1 and the plays covered 4 different sports!

In college football, we won with E Mich +6  20-24. College Hoops Boston College +10 wth them winning the game outright 79-67!  NHL Detroit +152  4-3 and Lost with the Bulls +4.5 in the NBA 91-103.

After a long day, we ended up +2.42 Units.

That brings us to a 10-3 run winning now 4 days in a row and gaining 7.22 units the last 4 days!

You never know when you’re going to get a run like this. We have been getting them with quite a bit of regularity. It’s nice to see your hard work and perseverance pay off. I spend untold amounts of time handicapping each day. With each sport handicapping a bit differently nothing works across the board. Add to that the idea that each sport has different seasons within a season that handicap differently and you begin to see the challenges professional handicappers have

A very light schedule today with only the NFL and 1 College football game on tap.

My Hilton NFL Contest picks in the order I liked them at the time:

Jets +16.5
Jacks +5
Carolina +2.5
Minn +6.5
Arizona +7.5

A caveat: Week 16 and 17 in the NFL have considerations that are not found in the previous weeks. I mentioned it before that two general ideas for the last two weeks are to stay off bottom dwellers with 2 or fewer wins for the season and to consider games where it appears the line is way off.

For instance, if your models show a team that should be a 7 pt dog and now is a 7 pt favorite you need to either consider betting on the now 7 pt favorite or passing on the game. Public betting on these games is insignificant. You rarely see that in sports where public betting can be set aside but this is one of the very few instances where it plays a very small role.

The public numbers for today in the NFL:

Tenn 82

Green Bay 79

San Diego 75

Wash 69

Detroit 67

Tampa 64

Atlanta 64

KC 64

New England 63

Seattle 61

Miami 55

Oakland 55

Houston 53

San Fran 51

Baltimore 51

The Hilton top 5 is not up yet. This site is programmed to release the numbers on Saturday so they will be up later this afternoon most likely.

For subscribers I have sent out no plays yet today nor is there any carryovers.


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