6-4 In College Hoops on Saturday. 58.5% for the season !!!

We had a busy day on Saturday with 10 plays. Our College Hoop plays went 6-4 with two double digit dogs winning the games outright! We lost our Nhl play. And setups were 0-2.

I am really going to miss these 100 game Saturdays. Its non stop handicapping from 6:00 AM until 8:00 PM. Watching all the variables bounce around is sort of a magical dance of numbers. Very Weird:)

I have another good discussion with a Subscriber I would like to share this morning:


Got a question my bank roll for sports is about 75k now I am betting 2% a game so 1500 a game but I just recently was able to get -105 on basketball, as well at 10% back on losses… with a good local book, I guess my question is since I have a bigger edge with the ten percent on losses and the 5 cent juice should I be betting a little more relative to my bankroll say 1650 or 1700 a game?


My Response:

“I would stick with the 2%. Just figure the extra your getting back from the book along with the reduced line as a bonus. No reasons to increase bet size because of it. It’s just going to make your edge a bit more. Which is a good thing. When you start increasing your % for bets you increase you the variance.
Just moving from 2% to 3% is huge as to how it effect variance.
Also, keep in mind most local books are going to cut you off after awhile. They are not going to take a beating for very long. To a lesser degree, offshore books are that way also. I would be looking for other outs. “
Their Reply:


I haven’t been cut off yet but one is getting close to cutting me off he cut my limits down…I have a lot of outs though between, ny, and the west coast…but I need to find a good off shore book for better hockey and baseball lines….any suggestions? Preferably one with a good mobile app or something so I can put stuff in quickly and easily when i am out and about? I am playing on a 20 cent hockey line right now, sometimes it works in my favor but not always…”
My Response:

“Offshore books are a tricky thing. I would just go to sportsbookreview.

They have all the books rated. I would not go with any that are not a+. In addition, I would go to the forums when you have it narrowed down and search for anything negative on them.
However if you’re betting over 1,000 a game your options are going to be limited. If you have access to someone that knows an agent for Pinnacle or matchbook that would be best. But not easy to find those. They are around. Neither of those however officially do business in the U.S.”
I post these because I believe it provides insights into handicapping issues that come up in real time. Its one thing to just put out plays but another to be able to discuss the ins and outs of handicapping and sports betting to benefit sports bettors.
We have tournament time coming up very soon. It would not be a bad idea to join us for a run at the Conference tournaments and the NCAA Tournament. The subscription is very low and as you can see 58.5% for the season with an added +13.5 unit bonus from the NHL has made this a very profitable endeavor for sports bettors.
Hope to see you joining us by selecting the Paypal button on the upper right and I will have you on to our private twitter feed and also our private backup SMS feed within minutes!
Good Luck Today
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