5-1 on Tuesday for a 10-3 run the last two days!!! Isnt sports betting great:)

5-1 on Tuesday for a 10-3 run the last two days!!! Isnt sports betting great:)

Another busy day yesterday with 6 one unit plays and going 5-1 for +4.77 units!!!

In College hoops, we have 5 totals and went 4-1 winning with Georgia, Minn, Colorado and Oregon Under while losing with Georgia St Under.

In the NHL we had a 1 unit play on Ottawa +177 and they won 4-3.

Let me mention a few issues that have come up. First Verizon looks to be back to working with their vtext.com SMS. But it’s still not 100% reliable so really you should have both SMS and Twitter. That way both would have to be down before there would be a problem getting the plays.

Second I have been watching the line movement on these college hoop totals and it appears there is a large service that puts out plays on these totals around 5 to 10 min before game time.

We have experienced that on several total I have put out where the line would drop 3 to 4 pts shortly after I put the games out. Now it used to be I moved the lines that much a few years ago when I put these plays out for free. But now not as much. But we need to remember that I am not the only one handicapping these totals.

I will try to get a balance to where I can put them out a bit earlier. But with the volume of betting so small on many of these games, it will be a tough job to do it. Let’s see how thing develop.

Other than that please do not hesitate to send me an email if something comes up you have a question about. You are not bothering me one bit. Access to me via email at any time is one of the perks of being with this service. Take advantage of it as I enjoy discussing the issues that come up from time to time

Good luck Today


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