7-0-2 in College Hoops over the last 4 days!!! Can it continue???

Saturday we had 6 plays and went 3-2-1.

In College Hoops we went 3-0-1 winning with Clemson +11 62-64, Texas Tech +5 79-80, Youngstown st +15.5 72-80 and pushing with Charlotte +15 55-70.

In the NBA We lost with Denver +11.5 109-125. In the NHL we lost with Carolina +102  2-5.

We are on quite a run in College Hoops going 7-0-2 the last 4 days!!!

Today I have sent out no plays so far.

I mentioned the other day about the importance of having either SMS or email (or both) as a backup to twitter.

It did not take long as one subscriber missed some plays yesterday as they only had the SMS electing not to take twitter or email. And as chance would have it, of course, it is my fault:)

Let me say, there is nothing anyone can do to screw up that I have not done over the years. I am hitting 70 and have been betting sports since I was in High School.  So any mistake or sabotage to winning that anyone can think of I have experienced first hand.

I know it is against human nature to listen to someone tell you the best approach to maximize your chances of winning. Again years ago I always thought I was smarter than most. But I learned that alone does not get the money. Many a smart person goes dusted gambling.

One could argue the smarter a person is the greater probability they will go dusted! But that is for another day:)

Typically the red flag for people that gamble every day is a trigger you should be looking for in yourself. When you start becoming irritable when gambling or before you gamble that should alert you that something is off.

The tell is prevalent at the poker tables. I always looked for players whose personality switches from their typical congenial self to someone who is complaining about every little thing. That means in many instances that he is ready to go off. Which in gambling terms is ready to tilt off his money.

In the extreme it is a site to see. Especially when you see it coming ahead of time:)

I have seen some pretty astonishing tilts by players that exhibit this change of character.

The trick is to be introspective enough to know when that triggers in you. It is 2nd hand for me to be aware as to myself. And if you’re going to gamble everyday you had best learn that about yourself and deal with it.

I got sidetracked a bit this morning but when I start writing I never know where things may lead to:) But I am glad they lead to this as this is one of the most important lessons gamblers need to learn.

And if you’re interested in learning more about this characteristic you need only go and rent the movie “The Gambler” with James Caan. Axel Freed is a prime example of what I am talking about.

And as he so logically explained to his college class, 2+2 = 5:)

Good Luck Today


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