7-0-2 run going in College Hoops!!! Get your 3 day free trial and take a look:)

7-0-2 run going in College Hoops!!! Get your 3 day free trial and take a look:)

3:40 Update:

2 top 10 teams playing tonight in College Hoops:

#9 West Virginia

#3 Kansas

Betting is 62 % on the home favorite Kansas with the line moving from -4.5 to -5.-110. My models are split on the game. Variables slightly favor W.Virginia. Public betting is neutral. 62% without a reverse line move really does not give much in the way of positive EV. So this game to me is an easy pass.

Good Luck tonight whichever side you take!


After a busy weekend, Sunday we had no plays. A few were close but nothing I liked enough to wager on.

Today I have sent out no plays so far.

We have a great season going in college hoops.

So far for the 2016-2017 Season, we are:

33-20 for 62.26% on College Hoop Totals

59-40-4 for 59.59% on College Hoop Sides

That’s 152 plays for 92-60 -4 Or 156 plays for 60.52% and 17.10% ROI!!!

A solid season to say the least. In addition, we are on a 7-0-2 Run the last few days.

My adjustments for Conference play seemed to be working out fine after our downswing last season:)

I promised a political wager. Looking over the multitude of wagers out there this one looks like it has quite a bit of EV.

On Paddy power, you can lay 2/1 on Trump completing his first term in office. That in my judgment is a big overlay. The only reason it is this low is the publicity surrounding Trump. Very similar to the big odds against Trump winning the Presidency. If you can get it lay the 2/1.

It’s a much better bet than anything you will find on the day to day betting we do here:)

By saying this I am in no way expressing an opinion either way on the political environment. This is purely a  +ev play without any ideology to affect my judgment!

Good Luck Today


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