7-1 Streak for MLB Sides and a RickJ Given!!!

7-1 Streak for MLB Sides and a RickJ Given!!!

Wednesday we had 2 plays. Both were overnights and we went 1-1.

San Diego -122 won 4-2 and the Cubs -107 lost 4-9.

Today so far I have sent out 3 plays. Two overnights and one unit play this morning.

I received an email yesterday asking whether it would be a good decision to raise the 1/2 unit plays to 1 unit.

My response is that you could do that but I would not recommend it. As I have pointed out previously the only way to test methods is real time. You can do all the backtesting you want but if you have not exposed your methods to real-time testing the backtest mean nothing.

Now the difference between 1/2 and 1 unit plays is the degree of real time testing. I typically use 1 season for 1/2 time plays and 2 seasons for 1 unit plays.

As an example for those of you that subscribed during baseball for the season playing 1/2 unit plays as 1 unit would have been a disaster, to say the least.

That extra year is a nice cushion and in my opinion, one that is necessary.

So the short answer is no you should not:)

I use a very structured approach to both handicapping and wagering for a reason. I have been through the ups and downs of sports betting. I can tell you if you do not have a structured approach to wagering you will not win.

Human nature’s built-in systematic way in which it sabotages your success is just too strong to wing it.

That is a RickJ given:)

Good Luck Today


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