A 7-2 day on Tuesday gaining 5.0875 Units! And even better NFL begins tomorrow! Care to join us:)

On Tuesday things picked up quite a bit with 9 Plays

We had 5 one unit plays that went 4-1 and 4 overnights that went 3-1. So a 7-2 day for +5.085 Units!

You can find the details on my google sheets page that I update and keep current every morning.

Today so far I have sent out 3 plays.

That puts us back in the plus column for the season in MLB. We have been here before but so far it has been a swing of 11 units back and forth this season.

Starting out 0-9 did not help the cause:) But we are well positioned to have a good season with any kind of run into the last 6 weeks of regular season.

That is the advantage of having a method that is very low in volatility. A top to bottom of 11 units over 4 months of MLB wagering every day is really unheard of.

In addition, Usually by the All star break MLB bettors have given up. But, we are still in there and if we have a run similar to last season at this time we will have a nice year in MLB. We will see:)

The first NFL preseason game is tomorrow. If I wager on Preseason the wagers will be 1/2 unit plays. The sample size in the NFL is small anyway but then when you carve a subset of preseason it’s even smaller.

So do not expect very many plays in preseason NFL.

However, there will be leans. That essentially means that I feel there is an edge on the side but not enough to wager on them. So if you do your own preseason handicapping you can use that as a filter on your plays.

I have gotten quite a few emails regarding the 176.00 special for the NFL. Most of the questions are very general but if anyone is confused as to how it works send me an email with a specific question.

Essentially the 176.00 is from the day you sign up until dec 31st. The quicker you take advantage of the special the better it is. Most I am sure will stay with the 49.00 a month, which still is peanuts compared to what other handicapping services charge.

You can spend anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 for the football season with the well known handicapping sites. As I have said, I will put my record up against any of them.

Looking over today’s MLB it looks like again we will have several 1 unit plays.  I will send them out when they are clear cut.

Good Luck Today


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