7 plays on Wednesday going 5-2!!! 4-1 in College Hoops!!! With Northwestern in the bowls!!!

5:10 Update:

1 more bowl game tonight:

Oklahoma St


Betting is 55% on Oklahoma St with the line moving from -3-115 to -3+103. For the 3rd time today we have the betting over 50% on the dog. Models point strongly to Oklahoma St, Variables point to Colorado and public betting points to Colorado. If my models even leaned slightly to Colorado I would be betting the game. But the models strongly point the other way. So I have no choice but to pass on the game.

See you tomorrow


2:00 Update

Next up for the bowl games:


Virginia Tech

Betting is 61% on the Dog with the line moving from -7+100 to -7-115. Another game where the betting is on the dog. As a general rule, the public goes with favorites and over. When you see something different you need to take a look and see why. My models slightly favor Arkansas, Variables slightly favor Virginia Tech and public betting favors Virginia tech. As in the first game today a mixed bag that pretty much rules out to me any edge on either side. So again I am passing.



10:40 Update

First Bowl game today at 11:

S Fla

S Car

Betting is 55% on the dog with the line moving from -10 to -10.5. So first we have a red flag where the majority of the betting is on the dog. Time to look at the favorite to see if it has value. Models every so slightly favors  S. Florida, Variables slightly favor S Carolina, Public betting slightly favors S Fla. So a mixed bag here with conflicting information. Regardless of the red flag, the conflicting signals I see prevents me from wagering on this game. Most likely no value on either side and I am playing it that way. A pass for me

Good Luck Whichever side you take today


Plays picked up on  Wednesday with 7 plays. End result: 5-2!!!

In College Hoops we went 4-1 winning with Oregon St +12 63-70, Oregon +2 89-87, St Pete +22 55-63 and Nebraska +14 87-83. We lost with Air Force +8.5 72-84.

In the bowl games, we went 1-0 winning with Northwestern +4 31-24.

And in the NBA we lost with Orlando +4.5 101-120

So far today I have sent out no plays however I suspect we are looking at another busy day today.

There have been a number of 3 day free trials the last few days which has brought some questions as to how the plays are sent out. All plays are sent out via my private twitter feed @rick_sports. Once you become a subscriber you can also be added to SMS and Email notifications of plays.

On twitter, you can have the tweets sent to a variety of places but the most used are to have them sent as messages on your cell phone.

But if you still have questions do not hesitate to send me an email and I can go through everything with you. My goal is to make this as easy as possible to get these plays on a timely basis.

Week 17 is coming up in the NFL and if there is a week to avoid betting the NFL it is week 17. There are so many crosscurrents to consider that it makes handicapping a real challenge. However, there are a few positive things to look for and if they develop I will put out those plays.

Good Luck Today


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