8-1 run last 3 days in MLB and the NFL right around the corner! What could be better than that:)

Friday our winning streak continued with 4 plays going 3-1.

Our 1 unit play on the White Sox +163.5 lost 6-7 in extra innings. The White Sox jumped out to a 5-1 lead but could not hold on. So close to a 9-0 streak:)

We also had 3 overnights, all winners, Yankees -102 won 5-1, Pit +135 won 13-5 and Texas -104 won 4-3.

So that brings us to an 8-1 run over the last 3 days!

So far today I have sent out 2 plays.

Last season we did not start a good run until the last 2 weeks of the season ending up with +13 Units. If this is truly the start of a season running run we should end up much better than last season. We will see:)

The overnights which were early in the season Big Move Games are still very prognostic in the line moves with for the season predicting the line move about 70% of the time with an average move of almost 7cents.

And yes I keep track of that daily as It is very significant if you’re doing your own handicapping.

I have been getting a number of emails asking if I am going to sell a portion of the Hilton NFL contest this year. If I enter I will sell my 2/3 for 1,000 which is exactly what the pro-rata share is and it will entitle whoever wants shares to the exact % of proceeds based upon their pro-rata share. I take no vig out of this.

However, I may not enter this year. It has become quite a hassle to drive to the Hilton across town especially now that the parking is all screwed up there. So I  am on the fence.

I will let everyone know via this site if I decide to enter this season.

Good Luck Today


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