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Final Update

Well an usual beat today on the under. U 122 and they scored 89 in the 2nd half to beat us by a bucket!

Nothing in college hoops.

Thursday NHL Play
1/2 Unit
Calgary +124

10.30 Update

Again nothing is looking like a play on the sides. I am heading out for a few hours this afternoon but will be back for the games starting at 4.

Meanwhile our under on Butler is looking pretty good. Only scored 35 the first half. If we lose that one …I may have to consider giving up betting:)

8:55 Update

Not much shows up today in college hoops. Late money is coming on Valparaiso. Its close to a play but not quite…for me it would be Valparaiso or a pass.

Wedn we split on our 1/2 unit totals in college Hoops. Hawaii under was an easy win. But Bryant U we lost by a half a point:( It looked like we had it covered with 32 seconds left. Bryant was down by 6. Most likely the end game got us..yes it even happens in the totals:)

Today one total this morning.

Thursday College Hoops
1/2 Unit Play
714 Bucknell U 122

I will update about 30 min before game times with any plays

Good Luck Today

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