A 4-1 Day in 1 Unit plays for sports betting Tuesday in Baseball!!! All Dogs!!!

A 4-1 Day in 1 Unit plays for sports betting Tuesday in Baseball!!! All Dogs!!!

4:00 Update

One game tonight in the NBA

Golden State

Betting is 42% on the Home Favorite with the line moving from Cleveland -1Even to -1.5-104. So right from the start, we have well over 50% of the betting on the dog with a reverse line move on the favorite. That’s a pretty strong clue on which side is the right side. in addition, the variables slightly favor Cleveland. Models are Neutral. So why am I not betting the game? Anymore I need at least one strong variable that points to a side preferably two. Here there is a number of them but none that I would want to put money on. But the % number on the favorite with the reverse line move would say to me that if your leaning towards Cleveland you might want to use this to sway you and if you’re leaning towards golden state you might want to use this to steer away from it.

Good Luck Tonight whichever side you choose. I am passing.

Tuesday we had a very busy day with 6 plays. 5 one unit plays and 1 1/2 unit play in sports betting. Almost every game was a cliffhanger with several going into extra innings. Minn +110 won 6-4, Detroit +125 won 2-5 Pit +102 won 3-1 and Cinci +145 won 7-6. We had a bottom of the 9th save with Detroit scoring 2 to tie the game and then winning it in extra innings. We have lost a few of those recently so nice to see one go our way.

Our other one unit plays in sports betting on Tampa bay lost 0-5 and our 1/2 unit play on Colorado +155 lost 3-4. So after the smoke cleared a +3.32 unit day. You never know when lightening is going to strike:)

Today however in sports betting unlike yesterday in sports betting so far no plays. I did send out two games I felt had a good chance of big line moves. But other than those so far nothing clear cut. But I will send out plays later this afternoon or when they become clear.

There is nothing on the markets this morning as I spent most of the morning cleaning malware out of my new install. They caught me asleep at 4:30. Nice!

That is it for now. I have received a few emails regarding the free trial. I have set it up so that now any subscription you sign up for automatically has a 3-day free trial. There are 3 options now, 2 weeks, 1 month and 1 year. However feel free to email me if anything is uncertain.

Good Luck Today

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