A 6-1 +6.25 Unit run the last two days in sports betting MLB !!!!!

A 6-1 +6.25 Unit run the last two days in sports betting MLB !!!!!

Wednesday in sports betting we went 2-0 on our 1 unit plays and 1-0 on our 1/2 unit play all in MLB. Last night our winning plays were Min -104 and Houston +142 both 1 unit plays along with Atlanta +138 a half unit play.

So a quick 6.25 Unit run in two days. I think most of you now are getting the idea of what to expect in MLB as far as the swings involved. So far however, it’s been pretty tame. I would like to attribute that to the adjustments I made offseason that were very similar to the adjustments I made in the NHL that has resulted in a +10 Unit season with a 7% ROI. Still a lot of baseball to go. So we will see:)

Since I went to a subscription based sports betting site I have been able to devote much more time and resources to handicapping. 13 years of a free site fine tuning handicapping techniques has shown up. My goal has always been to be a consistent winning handicapper in every sport I follow. I believe I am most likely there. Took a long time. Football was the premier sport and was profitable from day 1 and almost every season. NBA and the NHL were always breakeven sports for me however both have shown improvement year over year and the breakout has been this season where in addition to the numbers on NHL above the NBA was +5.6 units with a 6.6% ROI.

College hoops I avoided until 3 years ago because of the time it would mean setting my databases up to be able to analyse the data using my methods. And of course, the enormous amount f time, it would take every day considering 50 to 100 games a day on the weekends. But I finally decided to give it a go and college hoops has been profitable from the 1st year I started handicapping it. But as you know from this season the swings are very large. But +21.8 Units and an 8.22 % ROI this season are about as good as you can expect out of one season in one sport.

So the only sports left is MLB. We are +1 Unit heading into mid-June. The most we have been on the +side was 9 Units and worst on the downside about 8 Units. And we have almost 3 months left until Aug 31st. I am optimistic, to say the least. My guess based upon the way the season has gone so far is +10 to +20 units on August 31st:) Should be interesting.

In addition in sports betting, most of you that are still around for baseball and did not take the summer off realize the necessity of wagering according to my methods explained in the must read section. Of course, you can modify the % numbers slightly but overall if you do not follow those methods it’s going to be very difficult to win betting sports. The human mind what it is will not allow you to wing it. The effect will be that you will miss out on winners, increase your wagers on losers and finally throw in the towel thinking what bad luck you have had.

Believe me, when I tell you that successful handicappers do not go thru these mental gymnastics. They have broken those bad habits long ago. So do yourself a favor/ 1st decide if you want to become a successful handicapper and then if so 2. put in the effort required adjusting your thinking regarding how to bet the games. If you do not do that then no matter what handicapper you wish to follow it is not going to matter. Even over 60% winners will not get you into a profitable situation. Human nature will get you. It’s really that simple:)

Now part of this service is not only attempting to put out positive EV plays but also to educate you and get you thinking in ways you most likely have not thought when sports betting. In addition of your a member of our group you also have access to asking me questions on anything you wish me to explain or anything else for that matter. I am here to provide the best handicapping and advice service available both in content and in value.

I was pleased to get the following email from a long-time follower of mine a few days ago:

“Thank you for all that you’ve done, not only since you started subscription service(which was definitely, 100% warranted). I have been following you for years and certainly appreciate all tips you have provided along the way that have assisted in my own growth.”

This is far more important to me than money.

Enough rambling for this morning. If you wish to become a subscriber just push the PayPal button on the upper right. There are 3 subscription options and all 3 have a 3-day free trial.

Good Luck Today

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