A busy day in sports betting Tuesday with 4 plays and 2 setups!

3:00 Update

One game tonight in the NBA:


Betting is 58% on the Home Favorite with the line moving from -10-105 to -11.5 -102. Models are neutral and variables are neutral. Public betting gives no clues on the game also. So from my view this game is a toss up. I see no value on either side and I am passing on the game.

Tuesday in sports betting was a busy day with one 1 unit play in MLB, three 1/2 unit plays with one one the NBA Total, and two MLB setups.

We won our 1 Unit play on Houston +108 3-2 in 13 innings. We lost with Minn +107 4-7 and Oakland +160 5-6. Oakland had a 5-4 lead going into the bottom of the 9th but they could not hold onto the win. Finally in the NBA we won with Oklahoma City under 222 winning 114-98. It was looking grim at the half as the total scored was 72-53. But a 36 pt fourth quarter got them well under the total. You never know:)

Early this morning I sent out a 1 unit play. If you did not receive it let me know. There are also some early MLB games and if anything develops I will send out plays in about 30 min or so.

I have been trying to figure out how to separate the tweets on @rickjsports so that I can filter out subscribers selectively on certain tweets. So far I have yet to figure out a method to do that. But I am working on it.

The NBA and the NHL have both been very rewarding for me. Not in monetary terms although that is nice but to see how my hard work has brought positive results this season in both. As far as I am concerned both sports are now viable for a positive expectation yearly. That is quite a turn around from the past where both have been spotty. This season both are solid performers with both having between 5% to 10% ROI. I will take that every year:)

Combine that with the NFL and College football that have been solid as sport betting can be. Granted this last season was around break even on those but considering the small sample size I can handle that as a draw down year!

And then college hoops which has been a very nice surprise the last 3 years since I started betting them. I had passed on college hoops for a number of years because I just did not have the time to spend. But from year one they have been outstanding.

Whats left is MLB and so far we are around break even this season with a minor 20 unit top bottom swing the first 2 months. The one unit plays have been outstanding at 23-22 for +8.27 units or a +18.377% ROI! I am not giving up on the 1/2 unit plays as I believe they will revert back to what I consider their expectation to be. Time will certainly tell:)

So that is where we are at as we approach Memorial day weekend. I could not be more satisfied with how the handicapping is coming along this year.

If your interested in joining us for the ride you can either subscribe for a small monthly subscription or take a look with a 3 day free trial but following @rick_sports.

Good Luck Today

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