A busy Saturday for Sports Betting and we made it! 6-2!!!

It was a very busy day yesterday and I was tired when I finally settled down day end. But it paid off with a 6-2 day for college hoop plays. 3-0 for college hoop setup sides. 1-1 for college hoop setup totals and finally 1-0 for NHL setups. In addition in college hoops we had two 12 point dogs win the games out right.  I will take that every Saturday:)

We are again flirting with the 60% market in college hoops for the season on 166 Plays. I am confident day in and day out this is one of the best handicapping services out there today. We have had almost no draw down as its been a steady profit week to week.

I received an email after Friday when we had no plays or setups asking why I was not putting out more plays. First 166 plays to date in college hoops is not a small amount of plays! But more importantly I have refined my handicapping to the point that I do not intend to put out plays just to satifsy people that enjoy gambling:)

That is not what this site is for. Its for other handicappers and sports bettors that are serious about getting a positive EV advantage. When you start hedging you parameters your ev goes down. For those of you that have been following me for some 13 years now know that I am obsessive about only wagering on plays I consider positive EV. And if your a subscriber or thinking about subscribing that should give you comfort.

Some handicapping services put out plays on both sides of the game! This industry is fraught with con artists. My intention is and always has been to have a site that not only exposes that but also shows you how it is possible to produce positive EV results. Many sports bettors get into a spiral that is hard to get out of. Primarily because they do not have the discipline to address sports betting in the only way one can successfully….and that is incorporating game theory into the equation. Very similar to the game theory you employ when deciding whether to 3 bet out of the small blind when the button raises and you have 55 in limit holdem.

It all depends is the answer. At least for me. It depends on who the button is and how well they play. And if they are a bettor player how do they perceive you at the time.

Of course there is much more that goes through the mind of a professional poker player when making these types of decisions but after awhile their instincts get scary as to how good they are. Some players think of things that some us do not have the ability to even consider. I am friends with some of those types and it always amazes me how their minds work and how fast they process.

Well sports betting is very similar. Instead of analyzing passing, 3 point %, match ups etc. Start thinking out of the box. Start thinking that your opponent is the books who have raised off of the button. Start getting into their minds. And once you do and are able to confirm what they are thinking based upon what the public and sharps do with the line it becomes much easier to handicap these games.

Thats just a start:)  But it gives you some insight into what successful handicappers do. Do you think Fezzik won the Hilton NFL Contest two years in a row by matching up quarterbacks each week:)  Think about it…….and then if a bell goes off or an aha moment I have accomplished what I have intended to.

Back to work for me. Subscribers its business as usual for me today. So expect plays and setups shortly before game time. If your on the fence now is a great time to begin with College hoop tournament time around the corner. Just hit the paypal button and subscribe. Its that easy. And of course I am here to answer any questions.


Good Luck Today


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