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“Rick, do you enjoy playing live poker as often as you do? I’m come from internet poker and have tried to transition to live and find it almost unbearable…everything about it. Any tips?”

The game of poker is a passion for me. I really can never get enough of it. Its a game that is very complex and is not static since your methods change based upon the makeup of the players.

The problem with live play is usually the players. Not that they are good players (most are not) but most bring baggage with them rather then leaving it at the door. Similar to the way people bring baggage into relationships. You can however end a relationship…but poker players being such a small subset of society your going to run into many of the same players over the years.

Fortunately the subset of players that I would consider unbearable is very small. And most casinos take an active approach to knowing who the problem players are and keeping them in line. Unfortunately the Bellagio isn’t one of those casinos. They do virtually nothing to police personalities at the table and that is most likely why those types seem to be more prevalent there.

If the casino doesn’t police it there is nothing really you can do. So headphones and focusing on playing well goes a long way.

Now its not all negative. I have made acquaintances over the years that have been long lasting and enjoyable. Much more then the dysfunctional types. So it more then balances out the negativity.

Also you have to remember that most players are playing at a level far higher then they can afford taking into consideration normal variance. Combining that with most being negative ev players the pressure eventually takes its toll on these players.

Its basically a 0 sum environment with the house skimming off there 300,000 a year from the table….very brutal:)

Thats the best I can do with insight and tips…Its a very difficult problem for players that are just interested in playing without the interaction that takes place.


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