“Rick, I have been pretty much following you from day 1! I want to really thank you for the insights and sharing your picks with everyone.

I am a regular contributor to 2+2 both the forums and the magazine. It was a big loss seeing you depart from the 2+2 sports betting forum. Since you left there has been quite a bit of speculation why you left. I am curious what the real reason was. If it’s simply your signature I can remedy that easily:)

Thanks again”

First I appreciate the comments. Also I have gotten inundated with emails either asking why I left or to come back to the forum. This will be the last of my posts regarding this.

I left for one reason. The off and on rude and obnoxious posters that continuously post to my threads. This has been a problem since I started posting with lulls after the moderator deleted and warned posters. Recently with the new change in moderators it started up again. The problem now is the new moderator doesn’t see it as a problem and has in my opinion contributed to the problem. I saw no solution so I left.

Now you are never going to rid forums from bashers and bullies. You could put the same individuals in a cooking forum and get the same results. That just is who they are. It’s their dysfunctional personality that is not going to change. They ruin things for everyone.

The only way to control it is to have a zero tolerance for that type of behavior. But that requires a moderator that recognizes it as unacceptable.

That’s the reason pure and simple. Who needs it:)

At the poker tables you get the satisfaction of taking those types money! And eventually they lose enough that they quit playing . But on a forum it not quite the same:)


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