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“hey rick, as always we appreciate the picks but you posted this pick seconds before the game started. i know you can’t always know your picks hours in advance but it seems that the nhl picks often come out right before a game is about to start. If it is possible to get your picks out a few hours before gametime we would really appreciate it, thanks….”

My Response:

Believe me when I tell you if this would of been a play 2 hours before game time I would of put it out then. The nhl is tricky since the betting volume is light and thing I look at can change dramatically in a short time. I bet the game seconds before I sent it out on twitter. Its rare that plays come out a few min before game time but this was one of those rare occurrences. If you didnt happen to get this bet down I wouldn’t worry. These plays are far from sure things:)


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  • mouldhouse

    Its a lot to ask, but could you consider tweeting a 2-min or 5-min warning in a situation like this?

    2 mins from game time was just too close for me 🙁

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