a few emails

“rick – why so much action tonite? just a freak occurrence?”

My response:

It might seem that way but really we have had very few plays the last week. It would probably be best to keep track of the number of plays by the week or month….that would give you a better idea. One day is really irrelevant in the scheme of things:)


” Rick I was very suprised you took Denver and Washington when the line had moved so far against the contest lines. What was your thinking?”

My response:

If i were comfortably in the money i most likely would of avoided these last two picks for that reason. But I knew everyone would be on the favorites…and my handicapping showed both dogs to be very live. Washington was a pretty easy cover…and Denver tied at the half…..if a few plays went differently in the 2nd half it very likely could of been a very close game. The first 3 picks in the contest were really clear cut.

At the moment I am 3 pts out of the top 20 in the Hilton and 1 pt out of the top 40 in Leroys. Also I am starting off the last 3 weeks at 4-1 for the 10,000 free roll in the hilton contest. Might be an interesting last 3 weeks:)


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