A further discussion of how to obtain the discipline required to be a successful sports bettor

On Monday we had 4 plays and went 3-1 for +2.18 Units sports betting MLB. That brings us to +17.185 Units season to date in MLB.

We are on a nice rebound from our drawdown so let’s see if we can continue this rebound. We are now about 12 Units from the high equity amount.

I want to touch upon what I have talked about the last 3 days. Today I want to discuss how difficult it is to overcome your human tendencies that typically will sabotage your success as a sports bettor.

The difficulty is going to depend on a number of different factors. The primary factors are going to be your introspective ability along with how ingrained these habits are.

As an example, I played poker with a young player, who almost without exception could not avoid tilting by the end of the first 2 rounds of the start of the game.

You could make a wager on it with almost 100% certainty.

Then there is another example that I did make a wager on. Before a lady sat down in the Omaha 8 game I made a wager with the person sitting next to me that she would play every hand for the first two rounds.

The person thought I was crazy and quickly made the wager. But of course I won the wager:) And it was such a sure thing I told him to forget about paying me.

Now, these are extreme examples of ingrained behavior. Most of us do not even come close to those examples.

So, it will all depend on where you fall into the degree of ingrained behavior your attempting to overcome.

Myself, in my younger years I was pretty extreme! I would fly out to Vegas on the spur of the moment. Get stuck about 5,000 and bet it all on a baseball game to get even. So, I was pretty out of control gambler in my younger years.

But, I had the advantage of being an analytical type with pretty strong introspective abilities.

So I channeled my desire to gamble into a money-making endeavor. As I have told people in the past, I do not have to have the best of it to wager. But I do have to think I have the best of it.

And that is what every positive EV gambler needs to strive for. To gamble for the sake of gambling is a fool’s errand. Leave it for the fools.

Good Luck Today

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