A MLB Special again for 2020, also a rundown of the last 3 years of MLB with an update on other sports.

MLB is almost here and right now MLB has become the top sport for profit in the last few years. Ever since I added the Overnights, both on the sides and totals we have produced +30 units in the last two years!

3 years ago I started my special where I guaranteed 1/2 of the subscription refunded if I had a losing season. I did that as I was that satisfied with my back-testing on the overnight plays.

The first year we squeaked by with a 2.715 unit gain, as I had made the overnights 1/2 unit plays.

Then in 2018, I moved all the overnights to 1 unit plays, and we ended the season with a 13.43 Unit gain.

In 2019, we improved upon that with a +17.03 Unit gain.

So again in 2020, I am offering the same special. If I have a losing season you get 1/2 of the subscription fee refunded to you. I thought about offering a 100% refund, but, I put a lot of work into this:)

The only rule is that you subscribe to the first week of MLB regular season and continue through the end of the regular season.

A few things to notice. You have to have access to overnight lines. The more the better. You want outs that put the lines out before most of the other books do. If you cannot take the time to do this small thing, then do not bother to sign up. There is very little value in Baseball unless you take advantage of the overnight wagers. Saying that our 1 unit regular totals last season were +6.24 units and +10.5 units in 2018. So regular totals have been solid.

In sports, over the years, it is interesting to see how the different sports have changed in making money. For instance one of the toughest sports, the NBA we are +5.7 Units thanks to the early season 1st half wager setups. These were something new I added this season. They were very solid, but only last the first few weeks of the season.

In college hoops, we got off to a dismal start and scratched back losing less than 10 Units. The season is not over, and we are still in the 2nd part of the college hoop season.

As you know there are four seasons in college hoops. We are about to enter season 3 of the 4, and then finally on to march madness. We are doing fine in season 2 of college hoops. Season 1 setups that had been profitable in the past crashed and burned this year. I will be looking them over in detail during the off-season.

For those of you that have been following me from the beginning (over 15 years ago), you know that football both college and pro have been Solid.

They were so solid for a while that I had the CEO of one of the major sportsbooks give me a call and want to sign me up with them. I elected not to do that, as this is a hobby for me and the last thing I need at my age is a full-time job:)

But football has gotten tougher over the last 3 to 4 years. The “sharps” have made it a bit harder to find value. Some Variables I use are not as reliable, although I still believe there is value in football. We started off very strong this season in both but then waned off at the end to end up about break-even for both.

But baseball has kept us solidly on the plus side, with over 30 units the last 2 years. If you can make 15 to 20 units a year betting sports, you are ahead of 99% of the sports bettors out there. Very few people end up on the plus side betting sports every day.

So, that is my run down. It was long overdue. But with MLB upon us, I thought this was a good time to give an update.

If you are thinking about joining us this season, I would love to have you. I send out the overnight plays early afternoon for the next day.

If anyone has any questions, you can email me or get a hold of me on skype.

With March Madness here, now would be an excellent time to join us. Just go to the PayPal dropdown menu and subscribe!!!

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