After the Fall: What is in store for the markets today?

11:30 Update

We started out February the right way with a 3-1 day for plays. We went 2-0 in College hoops winning with Depaul +8 as they won the game outright by 8 and also winning with Drake +10.5. We had 2 NHL plays with Toronto +160 and Ottawa +165. They split for a +.60 in the NHL, So for our first plays of February we are +2.60 units. Certainly on the right track.

Another busy night today with a full slate of College hoops, NHL and NBA. Let see if we can keep this going!

I have been getting a more then normal amount of emails requesting information about this service. Evidently a large site must of mentioned my site. So let me give you a brief rundown of my service:

1. The service covers all plays and setups for the month you subscribe
2. The cost is a small monthly charge. The idea is that I invest a substantial amount of money into the data and software I need to handicap the games. This monthly fee helps defray my monthly expenses in addition ideally once I get a bigger subscriber base will also compensate me for the enormous amount of time I put into handicapping every day.
3. In addition I am available to subscribers for any questions they might have throughout the day. All you need do is send me an email and I will reply promptly.

Comparing this to other services the cost is minimal compared to services that charge up to 1500 for 1 sport 1 season. Once you pay your locked in for the season. This service you can pick and choose what months you wish to subscribe and covers every sport I handicap during that month. In addition I will put my results up against any other service around. This is a full time endeavor for me now and I take it very seriously as most of you that have been following me know.

If you have any questions about the service just send me an email at If your ready to subscribe just hit the paypal button on the upper right and pick the subscription of your choice. I hope to see you on board with us soon!!!


A big surprise for investors on Tuesday as the markets were in free fall all day. The only thing missing was a rate hike and then it would of been perfect!

Today we are gaping up about .5% about 30 min before the open. I have my doubts whether this is going to hold today as I believe we are heading down to the lows in the next few weeks. But it will not be in a straight line but enough to wiggle everyone into losing money:) Thats the nature of the markets.

Right now I have on several trades both long and short, and an option income trade that expires at the close Friday. These weekly Volatility option plays during earnings season can be very profitable. However they are not without risk. But when you make the trades properly you essentially playing the side of the house. Always a good side to be on as long as you again manage risk properly.

And did I forget I am in a good mood this morning going 2-0 in college Hoops last night and 1-1 in the NHL on 2 +160 Dogs for a +2.60 Unit day! Life is good:)

Since I jettisoned my portfolio of stocks the daily swings have diminished and the market direction is no longer a huge concern for the portfolio. Typically Buying a basket of stocks in late October early November and selling the basket the end of April works out very well. This season however that strategy was a complete disaster which had me fudge a bit and unload everything on the rally towards the end of January. That is virtually something I do not usually do. But when they say this time is different my thoughts are they are right.

Liquidity is drying up for a number of reasons. There is going to come a time when the countries are going to have to face the consequences of easy money. We are not there yet but its coming. And if you want to know what its going to look like…think the housing crisis times 10! There are a number of world wide financial institutions that are exposed on this severe oil decline. Very Ugly.

Enough of the rambling this morning …time to get ready for the open:)

Good Luck Trading today.

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