How can you take a beat like Fla the other night? The ref wasnt even looking at the play and guessed completely wrong on what was a clear hit!

My Response:

As someone told me when I first moved to vegas…if you cant take it dont play.

When your gambling on a daily basis things like that happen all of the time. Whether its a miscall by the ref to cost you the game, or a player catching an interception and fumbling on the runback when a batting down or falling on the ball gives you a win…or a dealer not paying attention and misdealing. Its almost an everyday occurrence when something like that happens. After awhile its unusual that something doesn’t happen.

Now granted that was pretty extreme. But not as extreme as a player throwing his hand into the muck after i showed my hand…and then after a few seconds says he had half the pot. The floor comes over and asks the dealer what 4 cards they were and the dealer said he didnt know. The player points to his 4 cards and the floor says if you can tell me what 4 they were you can have them back…so in essence a free roll guess! But better yet the player can only name 3 of the 4 cards….and the floor gives him half the pot…nice.

Or A player folds his hand after I bet…..the dealer forgets to much the hand..then after what seemed like 30 seconds the player says wait……the floor comes over and say to give him his cards back….and he raises me!!!!! Nice

Or…in badugi when I snowed I turned over my hand after standing pat..and the player throws in his cards…and the dealer sees i was bluffing and instead of mucking the players hand waits until the player sees his mistake so he can get his hand back!!! nice

In any event you have to not let things like that get to you otherwise your going to be constantly upset. Just remember things like this are the norm…they happen all of the time and fortunately not only to you…and in rare occasions you may even benefit from one:)


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  • Anonymous

    on that philly play, first they call them UMPS, not refs, but you know, it IS possible that ball went around the bag and landed inside the line after going around the bag and was actually foul. And I HATE the phillies, but it was a lot closer than those who see the ball land inside the line AFTER it passes the bag think it was. Having said all that, it is a tough beat nonetheless and I agree the key is to let those bad beats go before they eat you up!

  • Anonymous

    To the other person who commented here:

    OK well first of all, yes it is POSSIBLE the ball went around the bag and was actually foul. But that is not the whole picture. The ball first bounced fair then went over the bag and then hit fair again. So I suppose it is possible for the the ball to hit fair at point before reaching third base, and then take a left turn over the foul part of the bag and then turn back to the right and hit fair past third base, which btw was an almost exact straight line away from where it hit initially. So possible, yes, but I have never seen that before. And I can tell you this much. I didn't see it in that Philly game either.

    Oh and thanks for pointing out to Rick that they call them umps and not refs. It was important that you point that out or maybe he wouldn't have known otherwise.

  • Anonymous

    I was pointing it out to the person rick was responding to, who ALSO called them REFS, but it was not an important point, and what you didn't see in the philly game is interesting, since I never saw any view that showed from above the bag as the ball went by or over it, and neither did you. The ump ( I apologize for using the correct name for him) had the better view than any camera angle I saw. And that unfortunately stopped the "point" from scoring, wouldn't wanna get too highfalutin and call them runs on ya ­čÖé

  • Anonymous

    Well since you saw so many views I am certain you saw the ball hit the line and travel to the next point where it hit line again. So you believe rather than traveling in one direction the ball took a left turn at 3rd and then took a turn back to the right to hit the line again? OK well I need some of the drugs your on. ­čÖé

  • Anonymous

    lot of english on the ball, and you also saw the ball hit outside the line too. so the ball changed direction throughout its travels. And again, where it went while it traveled by the bag was impossible to tell on any angle you saw, and no matter what angle you did see, the ump had a better one. I want to make clear two things, the ump could easily have gotten this wrong, and secondly I HATE the Phillies and would have loved for it to have been called fair. My only point was the call was not as obvious as it appears to have been once it hit inside the line AFTER going by the bag. And it IS possible the ball spun its way around the bag. This call was not as obvious or as bad as the one the ump made denying the no-hitter earlier this season, or other clearly visible mistakes we have seen from the past. That was really my only point about it.

  • Anonymous

    bad beats are part of the game, one of mine was where a football team took a deliberate safety because they were deep in their end, winning, and did not want to get a punt blocked, so went from covering the spread to not covering.. but as rick says, those things go both ways.. within a couple of days (this happened back in the 80s) I will never forget the celtics and the washington bullets.. (when they were called bullets) the celtics were in washington giving 5 points.. Washington, thanks to the great name of World B Free was hanging in there with his 3 pointers.. but late in the game, Boston went up by 8, and things were almost looking safe, 100-92.. Of course Free hits a 3 and its 100-95.. Immediately they foul with 30 seconds left, and of course, the celtics know who they want to have the ball then, its BIRD, mr AUTOMATIC at the free throw line. Bird misses BOTH, now I am lucky to get a tie on the spread and I was not happy with the Birdman.. Washington takes it in, and BOOM WorldBFREE HITS another 3, 100-98.. Now I am lookin doomed! somehow the bench man Greg Kite is in the game and washington fouls HIM.. Hardly the man I want, and if he hits both, it will ensure a celtics win, but a pointspread LOSS with a 4 point victory, so Im kinda at this point hopin he misses at least 1 and maybe WORLDBFREE hits another 3 and takes it to overtime.. But OF COURSE, KITE HITS BOTH OF THEM, the worst of all possibilities because Washington is now behind by 4 with 5 seconds left to play and the celtics giving 5 is a loser.. So after Kite hits his 2, its 102-98.. Washington throws the ball in, BIRD INTERCEPTS the pass, whips it to McHale underneath and with one second left, McHale lays it in just before headin for the showers.. 104-98 I LOVE YOU LARRY BIRD!!!

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