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“Thanks for sharing your opinions on CBB plays via the twitter and LVA Website. I have been a long time follower monitoring and sometimes wagering on your plays.

Sharing your insight for free is certainly appreciated.

Without coming across as a complainer or someone that’s not appreciative, I do have to ask why on earth would you possibly be sending out these plays at 5:40 – 5:45 AM??

All it takes is 1 limit bet at any of my 25 or so books and the entire screen lights up. Not just on your plays, but any play that I make. The reason is simple. At this time of day, the books are on auto pilot. Meaning no real oddsmaker is there actually working. So sending them out this early allows 1 bettor with a winning reputation to get down at a decent number.

Waiting to send them out just 2 hours later would make all the difference in the world for many of your followers. More people get a decent amount of volume all at a good number.

Thanks again for your efforts and I hope you consider my suggestion.”

My response:

We have been through this and it seems that the best balance is between 5:30 and 6:30 am pst. Almost all of the books are open at that time and it should give enough bettors a chance to get down at close to these numbers.

There is no perfect way of doing this because you have to balance getting down early with being able to get down. If I post the night before then most will not be able to get down on these plays…and if you wait….then these number will most likely not be available.

Believe me when I tell you there are handicappers a lot sharper then me scouring these lines. Already by waiting from the overnights byu went from -6 to -7 and Pepperdine from +13 to +12

So..right or wrong…im sticking to this time frame for the rest of the season.


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  • Anonymous

    I have always said and will continue to believe that whenever you actually make the plays is when you should release them. If people can't get down overnight then they can do something to change that such as get a book that does have overnight lines. I am sure some people are asleep at 5:30 am and if they want to get down they have make adjustments as well such as wake up earlier. I just thing releasing the plays when you actually make them is the purest way of doing things.
    Either way I very much appreciate all you do Rick. Thank you!!!!!

  • joadam

    But the overnights were moving the plays up to FOUR points when posted overnight.

    Now when posted in the morning they are moving the line 1 point at MOST (the number at which Rick says there's still enough juice in it to play them).

    So in other words instead of shaping the entire market to the tune of up to 4 points by hammering the overnight, the wider market is out and a lot more people MUST be getting on at the number rather than one 'wafflecrusher' as the previous poster on the subject names it.

    Pure? Can't see that as any valid reason. As it is, at the moment, the market is at the best balance between big enough to take some action from Rick's followers, and not mature enough for the big syndicates to step in. If there was any way LESS people are now getting the number than before, i could see your point – but they aren't. More people are getting them since the lines are there are more books, and with more tolerant limits.

  • Anonymous

    Well the way I see it, Rick can post the plays on my head in permanent ink while children pelt me with fruit and I will be happy. ­čÖé

  • Anonymous

    I would love to know who these "sharper handicappers" are. If they can go 10-1 in their last 11 and 17-3 in their last 20. If you run out of room on that guys forehead you can use mine.

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