An investing Email

An investing Email

“when it comes to ripe trade, it looks like a flurry of portfolios, etc. for the website – wondering which of these you’ve been able to succesfully trade for a profit? thx in advance and have an awesome weekend!”

“After 2008 I became a bit disenchanted with mean reversion. But it really was a mistake since even with 2008 factored in mean reversion is a very +ev strategy. Its just that you have to recognize and prepare for drawdowns.

On thing about ripe trade is…what they put on their site by way of backtesting is thorough and accurate. The owner of the site is very serious about what he puts out and is based upon proven techniques.

I have just recently started with ripe trade again in particular because of the expanded portfolio sections which I feel are the way to go as opposed to a buy and hold strategy.

Ripe trade is one of the best sites at what it does. There are a few others….1. Quantifiable edges 2. The Kelly Letter (for market timing).

If you subscribed to Ripe trade, and 1 and 2 above and came up with a plan based upon your bankroll it most likely would be very profitable. But the work will be coming up with your allocation money based upon the amount of time you have during the day to trade and your investing bankroll…and of course your tolerance for risk.

Now if you want to devote full time to trading I recommend looking into Momentum investing. There are several sites that are tops in that area….1. 2. Kirk report 3. Cobras market view These give much more then momentum but have both breakout and pullback setups.

If you have any other question please ask. Investing is a passion of mine.”


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