Another miracle save in the markets

3:30 Update

Several top 25 match ups coming at 4:00

#8 Michigan St
#18 Purdue

Betting is 63% on Mich st and the line has moved quite a bit contrary to the betting. The line was pick and is now -3 purdue at many books. Its an interesting set of facts on this game in that the move is a big one from pick to 3. In addition we have it on against the #8 team in the country. The only thing that could cause something like this is a big handicapping service put purdue out as a play tonight. I checked for last min injuries and nothing there. Now usually I would looking for any excuse to bet on Purdue tonight with the setup that exists. But in this case the move is just too big to lay the 3 and I do not want to fade this either. So I am passing on the game. Will be interesting to see how it turns out.

#10 West Virginia
#6 Kansas

Betting is 52% on the home favorite Kansas and the line has stayed pretty solid at -7. What a boring set of circumstances compared to the previous game:) Needless to say I am pass on this game also.

3:10 Update

Monday we went 1-1 on our plays and 1-0 on our setups. We won with Portland +3.5 in the NBA and lost with New Jersey +150 in the NHL. We had a setup in the NBA on the lakers Under and it was an easy winner.

Looking over tonight it looks like 2 or 3 plays so far. Its still an hour before game times but there are a number of games tonight that show some promise. I will send out plays shortly before game time.

Also as I mentioned earlier today my mean reversion and break out trades will be sent out at no charge. I have refunded last months subscription payment to all subscribers. I simply at this time do not want the extra work that goes along with sharing my picks on a subscription basis. There will be some days I am traveling and some days I might just decide to sleep in. But the end result is it became too much work for me. The handicapping really is a full time job! But I will continue sharing my trades and also exchanging trading ideas. All you need do is follow @rickjswings and I will add you to the private feed.

The handicapping picks and setups however will remain subscription based. I am spending way to much and working way to much to not give part of my costs back via a subscription based site. But the cost is really nominal compared to any other service out there and not only that I would not hesitate to match my results with any that are out there for 3 times the cost of mine.

So if you would like to join us on our handicapping journey do not hesitate to hit the paypal button and come along.

Hope to see you as a member to our group.


It was looking grim about an hour before the close on Monday. Markets were down over 300 pts and it was looking like a bloodbath going into the close. But a miracle happened and out of nowhere a monster late rally left the markets down only about 180 and everyone was happy! And for candlestick lovers we have a nice hammer formation on the daily chart. That should get everyone’s blood boiling:)

But as the markets tend to do they are ignoring the Hammer and are going to gap down over 1% this morning. So for everyone that thought the coast was clear….think again.

I think we are very close to a short term rally. As always the character of the rally is what counts. One and done and we plunge down to new lows. My thinking is we get a rally most likely mid day today and then it gets destroyed when Yellen shares her wisdom with Congress. Now that only leaves at best a 2 day rally. Another scenerio is we fall until Yellen talks and then she gives some words of comfort and we rally. But that is wishful thinking considering the Fed has not hid its strong bias (right or wrong) at raising rates.

So no scenario seems to be very good right now. Maybe we just plunge lower? Its at best a guessing game but right now the odds favor some type of bounce the next few days. With this gap down this morning the odds have increased quite a bit for a bounce. So thats the way I am going to play it. I have several stocks lined up for mean reversion trades today. And we are not far off from a mean reversion index trade.

I am flat right now and sleeping like a baby!

In addition I have made a decision not to charge for this portion of my service. The sports plays and setups remain the same but the investing portion where you can see what I am doing day to day in the markets will now be free.

For subscribers I am going to refund your last subscription payment regardless of when it was made. From here on out rickjswings twitter feed will be open for anyone that wishes to follow my trades and comments.

Everyone that is part of the stock service is also a member of the sports service. Thats the least I can do to show my appreciation for your confidence in me as a handicapper.

So the only change is the stock subscription will be free. And of course I will still be around during the mornings for questions about trades and the markets.

twitter: rickjsportplays
Twitter: Rickjswings
Private Twitter: Rick_sports

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