Another much needed quiet day for sports betting!

The markets are closed and its your typical monday lineup of games in college hoops and the NHL. Nba does not get back into swing until the 18th.  So a good day to take my wife out for a belated Valentines day lunch:)

Sunday we had no plays and 1 setup. The setup lost. Looking at todays game so far not much stands out but it still very early.

I made several changes yesterday to the site the most significant being the subscription structure and the 3 day free trial. I have gotten quite a few emails to add a yearly subscription option that would allow subscribers the chance to lower the cost of the subscription by way of a one year payment. I have done now not only that but included a 1 day, 1 week and 1 year in addition to the 49.00 monthly subscription.

In addition I have added the 3 day free trial to the subscription so that if you subscribe and within 3 days feel its not for you then you can cancel the subscription and incur no charge.

So you can see the additions are coming slowly but they are coming. Most are a result of suggestions I have received and I appreciate all the comments. They are very helpful.

Some plans in the works is to add a much better comments section and in addition a chat room where subscribers can interact between themselves and me also when I here. Right now subscribers have access to me via email and this would add a new dimension to the service with no additional subscription fee.

I have had a number of emails regarding baseball as its right around the corner.  I am looking forward to the baseball season as I have made very similar changes to my baseball databases and programs that I made to the NHL. The results in the NHL have been fantastic. We have had 110 plays so far in the NHL with a record of 50-60 for +13.30 Units. That is over a 10% ROI this season with very little draw down. I anticipate MLB  will follow a very similar pattern. We will see:)

I will have much more to say about baseball as we get closer to the start of the season.

Let me add I really enjoy the time I spend handicapping and the time I spend interacting with subscribers every day. I actually look forward to each day and hope everyone here has that attitude also.

Finally I have gotten for whatever reason some political questions. Perhaps its because of the death of Scalia. But I want to reiterate that this site is not for political discussion of debate. There are a multitude of sites for that. This site is for handicapping, stock trading and everything incidental to those. I am here to allow subscribers to see what I wager on both in sports and stocks. And also to hopefully provide some insight on winning strategies and why they win.

Back to work for me. Good luck to everyone today!

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