Another Positive EV political wager I spotted this morning. Hint: It has to do with McCabe

I spotted what looks like another pretty good overlay in the political odds landscape this morning. The odds of a Federal Charge against McCabe by 12/31/19 is 2 to 1 against.

With McCabe’s latest interview, and Barr in as AG. It looks to me like the odds are at worst even money at this point. If anything 2 to 1 in favor of an indictment by year end.

Now this is not quite as good a wager as laying 5 to 2 that Trump finishes his term. But to me it looks like it has a lot of value.

If anything as things unfold, the odds should narrow up to even money within a few months.

In sports betting its rare to find wagers that have more than a few % EV. But in political wagering you can find wagers like this quite often if you stay up on political events and keep a clear head.

So, take the 2 to 1 that McCabe gets indicted or formally charged with a federal crime by year end.


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