Another start to an enjoyable day in the Markets

3:30 Update

Sunday there were no plays but we did have a setup in the NFL and it won easily with Denver +5.5.

Today a light schedule in college hoops but its looking like unlike yesterday there will be several plays tonight.

I have been asked by several people where the paypal button is on the site. Also where are the historical results. If your on a desktop computer you should have no problem finding everything. But its set up a bit different for mobile screens. That supposed to be one of the advantages of the new hosting software. It of course has its advantages and disadvantages. But if your on a mobile device there should be a menu on the upper right of your screen that will give you access to all areas of the site.

Or your browser should have the option to view the site in full site mode. Then you should see the site exactly as the desktop version.

Nothing like new technology to make things so much easier:)

If anyone has any difficulties just let me know.

Subscribers I will be sending out it looks like two plays shortly before 4

Also while I am at it #1 Oklahoma is at home against unranked texas. Betting is 59% on Oklahoma with the line moving from -8 to -7.5 . Not much to see here the betting is under 60% and there is nothing that I see that points to either side.

The other ranked team playing tonight is #19 Louisville at unranked Duke. Betting is 52 % on the Home Favorite Duke and the line has moved from -4.5 to -3.5. Again even less to go by on this game. No extremes and nothing pointing to either side.

Good luck tonight


Waking up this morning after a successful Denver prediction yesterday I am looking at a sea of RED on my trading screen. But there are a few positives. China markets are closed this week for the Chinese New Year. So we do not have to look at 5 to 10 percent moves every day there. But other then that not much looks bright and sunny. The Dax is off close to 2.7% as I speak and U.S. Futures are looking to gap down over 1%.

But there is hope this week. Our savior the Fed is going to set things straight Wednesday and Thursday with no one other the Yellen testifying before Congress. For those of you masochists just sign on to watch while your trading:) My guess is the Fed stays the course and will not back off rate hikes in March. At this point there is nothing I can see that would get the Fed back to reality. They are on a course that is about as certain then can be to plunge the U.S. into a strong recession.

What is amazing is we are not there yet nor are the leading indicators close to triggering a recession. But they can change on a dime and if the Fed keeps sucking liquidity out of the system it might be overnight. This has a very similar feel to 2008. What has not happened yet is the effect of the plunging oil prices has not triggered defaults in the oil business much yet. But its coming and banks are as over leveraged with the oil industry as they were in housing back in 2008. If something does not change this will make 2008 look like a blip.

To throw fire on the flames our leader President Obama announced his plans to have a %10.00 a barrel tax on oil companies. One thing we can be certain of at this point is the Fed and the rest of the decision makers in the government are not coming to the rescue this time. In addition they are assuring the economic distress that is soon to come.

Now this does not even take into consideration the effect that low oil prices is going to have on world stability. For many of the countries that rely on oil revenue the leaders longevity depends on the oil revenues. So when these get to critical levels the only other alternatives is to stoke nationalistic themes and lead the world close to war. Thats been a recurring theme as long as the world has existed.

So what is one to do. This is the time to be very defensive in your trading and investments in general. Maybe we will dodge the bullet yet once again but this is not going to happen unless the Fed gets with the program. So they are the ones to monitor. At this point its probably the only thing that matters. If you dont think there is some truth to that just ask the holders of Lnkd that gaped down about 50%!

I am flat. I had on a number of short trades that I exited on Friday toward the close. Do today I look for mean reversion trades. Depending on the internals I might wait to place trades at the end of the day. The markets on this gap down will be very very close to mean reversion territory.

I will update towards the end of the trading day.

Good Luck Trading today

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